About me and this blog

Hello! My name’s Edward Brock, and this blog is dedicated to my most favorite hobby – cooking and trying pizza. I’ve been passionate about pizza since childhood (as is everyone?), and I’ve always enjoyed cooking and trying various kinds of pizzas.

When I was a kid, my family and I used to go camping and go to the countryside every weekend. My dad is keen on cooking meat, so he’s been teaching me since I turned 12 years old. But I finally fell in love with cooking only ten years later. On my 22 birthday, I traveled to Italy.

At that time, I had already started experimenting with recipes and got my first grill machine. This wasn’t enough for me, so I went to Italy to learn. I was overwhelmed by the diversity of tastes and dishes that Italian cuisine has to offer. After I finished my short courses, I came back to my hometown and got my first pizza oven. Why? Because I think that pizza is one of the most underrated Italian foods today. There are a lot of pizza variations, but they are all the same in every pizzeria you go to. So, recently, I’ve focused on artisan pizza recipes and started creating my own pizza versions.

This blog is mostly dedicated to kitchen supplies reviews emphasizing pizza cooking devices as well as documentation of all the local pizza places I have tried over the years. I’ve tried dozens (if not hundreds) of ovens, cooking machines, knives, and other cooking equipment, and will gladly share my knowledge with you.

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