Best Cutting Boards for Knives: Top 2024 Tested Cutting Board Models

Choosing the best chopping board for your kitchen is one of the most important issues that will significantly impact your cooking process. Being one of the key tools of any cook, a good chopping board has always been a topic for intense discussion. Which cutting surface material is better – wood or plastic, and what type of wood cutting board is preferable? Why do some people prefer glass and stone cutting planks, and what are their advantages? All these issues have to be considered prior to you are ready to make your choice.

The market is oversaturated with various cutting surface models, and each cook will praise their own type. However, don’t follow someone’s recommendations and make your own choice based on individual requirements and preferences, such as the size of the plank, the space of your kitchen, the design, the type of material, price, etc. To help you choose the best cutting board material for knives, I have created a review of the most popular models that I have tested myself.

What Type of Cutting Board Is Best for Knives?

First, I can say that glass cutting planks are the most inconvenient to work with: producing an extremely painful sound when the knife cuts them; they are also easy to break and hard to clean. A lot of people ask me: “do glass cutting boards dull knives?”. -Yes, they do. Glass has a lot of specific requirements when working with it, and although glass and stone cutting board models look stylish and beautiful, other more functional cutting surfaces are also pretty good-looking.

Unlike glass models, wood cutting boards are maybe the most knife-friendly cutting board type, but they require more attention to keep them functional: regular washing, drying, and oiling. These planks are heavy, pricey, and can’t be washed in a dishwasher. Softwood planks don’t dull knives and are highly durable. This type of cutting surface absorbs a lot of moisture and bacteria – thus, it is essential to clean them thoroughly after each use and even sanitize the surface.

Bamboo models are made of grass and resemble wood cutting boards. Bamboo is a highly renewable material, which makes it an eco-friendly cutting board model. These planks are less porous and heavier than traditional wood models, being harder on knives, thus making knives dull faster, and not as durable as wood models.

Plastic models are pretty cheap and lightweight; they don’t require a lot of space and can be washed in a dishwasher or by hand. However, this type of board doesn’t protect the knives’ sharpness and can’t last as long as other materials. Thus, if you wondered do plastic cutting boards dull knives, I can say that this is one of their weak sides.

One of the most recent cooking newbies is a rubber-cutting surface. Here we can also include TPU, silicone, and hi-soft polyvinyl acetate materials that are incredibly close to rubber. This type of board has a lot of advantages, which makes many professional cooks define rubber as the best material for cutting boards. Rubber is a long-lasting material that perfectly absorbs knife cuts, keeping them sharp for as long as possible. It doesn’t slide and is resistant to bacteria. However, these boards cannot be put in a dishwasher, and they are much heavier than any other type.

Composite cutting board, also known as stone wood and wood-fiber laminate, is an item made of a mix of wood fibers combined with phenolic resins. It is one of the most popular cutting boards among professional cooks thanks to its durability and ability to survive the hardest cooking battles. They can be washed in a dishwasher, they are quite gentle for knives, and are non-porous, which makes it easy to keep them clean and bacteria-free. These boards have high heat resistance – they can withstand temperatures up to 350F.

Top 6 Cutting Boards for Knives: Choosing the Perfect Match for Your Kitchen

Top pick
John Boos Block CHY-R01 Cherry Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board, 18 Inches x 12 Inches x 1.5 Inches
Has a 1-year guarantee against the defects of materials or manufacturing
Sonder Los Angeles, Large Walnut/Cherry/Maple Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen, Charcuterie Wooden Board, Sorting Compartment, Reversible 17x13x1.1 in (Gift Box Included)
A functional model with a tray area for chips and crackers; it can be used as charcuterie board
heim concept cutting Board (Dual-tone: 18'' x 12'' x 1'')
The price is excellent for a high-quality, durable model

1. John Boos Walnut Wood Edge Grain: One of the Best Cutting Boards for Knives

Walnut Wood cutting board by John Boos is one of the most popular models among both professional and home cooks. The US-manufactured board is produced by one of the oldest manufacturers of kitchen gear. Started in 1887, this company has been focused on creating high-quality cutting boards and accessories and is now recognized by the most authoritative experts.

This classic “R” cutting board has a smooth edge grain design and special hand grips, integrated on each side. This is a reversible model with the grooved side that makes is useful for all types of products, keeping the liquid collected in the grooves. All “R” John Boos boards are 1.5 inches thick that makes them more durable and reliable. This board will serve you for years and years with the proper care and correct use, making it more than an ordinary pressed wood cutting board.

The hand-crafted plank is made of American black walnut wood that is thoroughly cultivated and selected by professional foresters. The board is 20 inches long and 15 inches wide – optimal size for the majority of cooking surfaces, and its 1.5 inches thickness makes it well-prepared for tough tasks. The board has to be hand-washed with soap and warm water. It is important to dry it with the paper towel or let it air dry after each wash. You have to apply oil and cream to the board to prevent cracks. It is important to oil the board more often when it is brand new, and in case you live in dry climate conditions. Oil helps to protect the board from bacteria, and you have to ensure to store it securely in a dry place.

  • Beautiful design;
  • Highly durable and secure;
  • Friendly for your knives;
  • The item has two cutting surfaces.
  • Has to be hand-washed;
  • It requires special treatment.

The price of the board is fairly affordable: it costs around $150 and will serve you for many years, being a great option for any cooking issues.

2. Epicurean Non-Slip Series Cutting Board: The Safest Cutting Board Model for Your Knives

This non-slip cutting board is created by the Epicurean brand that is focused on producing top-quality wood fiber composite cutting planks. This brand was founded in 2003 by a skating park manufacturer TrueRide as a way to use extra skating surface material. This US-manufactured cutting surface is a perfect gear for the commercial or private kitchen, highly durable, has a lifetime warranty, and is NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) certified.

The unique features of this cutting plank make it the safest cutting board: it is safe for your health, your knives, washing machine, your cooking surface, and ecology. This composite cutting board is made from modified lightweight material that can resist the temperature up to 350F and can be used as a trivet, to avoid any blemishes. This model has removable silicone corners that fix it securely on any surface. It has two cutting sides and is knife-friendly, keeping your knives sharp for as long as possible. It is super easy to wash this board: just put it in the washing machine or wash it manually with hot water and soap. No oiling or any special treatment is required.

  • Lightweight and heat-resistant material;
  • Machine-washable;
  • Has removable silicone corners;
  • NSF certified;
  • Knife-friendly surface.
  • Not as thick and heavy as other materials;
  • It doesn’t have a unique design.

Another great advantage of this board is its price: it costs only under $50, which is a great price for a durable knife-friendly model.

3. Asahi Rubber Cutting Board: The Best Cutting Board for Japanese Knives

For those who have never tried rubber cutting boards before, the Asahi rubber cutting surface is a perfect option to start with. This board is produced in Japan and is the most popular model among Japanese chefs. It is a type of board that will serve you for decades, if not a lifetime, and is a perfect match for any product. The board is pretty thick and feels like a softwood, being the best cutting board for Japanese knives. If you use this type of knife or the ones you have in your kitchen are just thinner than usual – this board will be a perfect choice. Being used by professional and ordinary cooks, this board has a perfect texture that prevents sliding or slipping of the surface while cooking.

The rubber boards are non-absorbent, which means they are moisture, mold, and bacteria resistant. Thanks to the non-porous surface of the item, it is also easy to clean it quickly after use, although the board cannot be washed in a dishwasher. This material will never crack or split, which makes it durable and secure. Although the board might feel heavy, as it weighs 3.1 pounds, this is one of the best cutting plank models you can find. The rubber surface is perfect for all types of products, and it is bleach-safe, so you can easily clean the straps, spots, and blemishes using the bleach – the board won’t absorb it.

  • Japanese knives friendly material;
  • The non-porous surface that protects it from bacteria;
  • Bleach-safe;
  • Long-lasting material;
  • Non-slip rubber surface.
  • Cannot be washed in a dishwasher;
  • This surface has to be used with butcher or separated knives;
  • It might be too heavy for some cooks.

The price is quite significant, although getting a lifetime serving kitchen gear for less than $75, which sounds like a great deal.

4. John Boos Cherry Wood Edge Grain Board: One of the Best Wood Chopping Boards

The secret of John Boos’s cutting boards’ popularity is the high quality, attention to detail, and environmental integrity of the manufacturing process. John Boos Cherry Wood Reversible Cutting Board with edge grain is one of the most popular models that are present on the majority of private and professional kitchens in the US. If you are currently choosing the best knife and cutting board for universal cooking implementation – this cutting plank will be keeping your knives sharp for a long time. The board is made in Illinois, the US, with the techniques craftsmen elaborated since 1887.

This cutting board has two sides, and like all “R” series boards, it is 1.5 inches thick that makes it more solid and suitable for the toughest chopping tasks. The board weighs 7 pounds; it is 18 inches long and 12 inches wide, which is more than enough for home cooking. The board is made of manually selected American Cherry Wood and has an edge grain construction. It is easy to reverse and wash the board thanks to its handle grips that are present on both sides. As all wood cutting surfaces, this cutting plank can only be washed manually in a sink, using warm soapy water, and it has to be dried by air or paper towels right after washing. Oiling and creaming are essential parts of regular care that prevent cracks and deformations. Oil also protects the board from bacteria, and it is highly recommended to oil new models after each use. Do it as often as possible if you live in a dry climate.

  • Knife-friendly surface;
  • Has a 1-year guarantee against the defects of materials or manufacturing;
  • Reversible design;
  • Heat-resistant;
  • It has useful to handle grips.
  • The board is pretty heavy – it weighs 7 pounds;
  • Only hand-washable;
  • Has to be dried, oiled, and creamed after each use.

The board costs under $100 – a significant price, caused by the quality of the material and its durability.

5. Multipurpose American Walnut Wood Cutting Board: A Pressed Wood Cutting Board with Unique Design

Motley Multipurpose Cutting Board is a perfect match for those who want to find a high-quality wood cutting plank, except such market leaders as John Bors, and are looking for something more stylish and functional. First, this is not just a cutting plank, but also a charcuterie board that can be used for cheese, meat, and vegetables. The board is reversible with one side having a unique tray area that can be used as a space for chopped products or a groove for crackers and baguettes when served with meat and cheese. This model is created by Sonder Los Angeles – a small business focused on producing both durable and stylish models that will be a marvelous centerpiece of your kitchen.

This wood-cutting plank is made of American black walnut wood with cherry and maple stripes. With the proper treatment, it will serve you for decades. It is highly recommended to oil the board on a regular basis. The item features two sides for any purpose, one of which has a special groove that can be used to collect chopped products or serve crackers, chopped baguettes, and chips. Built-in handles on both sides allow you to easily turn, lift, wash, and dry up the board. The surface is perfect for knives, keeping them sharp for a long time. The board is quite heavy – 6.49 pounds, but this helps it to remain stable while cooking, being slightly thinner than other wood planks with 1.1 inches thickness. It has a 1-year guarantee to protect users from any manufacturing defect.

  • Unique design;
  • A functional model with a tray area for chips and crackers; it can be used as charcuterie board;
  • Two chopping sides for all cooking purposes;
  • 1-year guarantee;
  • Gift box included.
  • Only hand-wash option;
  • Needs to be oiled regularly;
  • Slightly thinner than other wood cutting options.

The board’s price is under $70 – it is cheaper than wood cutting surfaces from more well-known brands, but the quality and the design aren’t worse than the competitors.

6. Heim Concept Organic Bamboo Cutting Board: Eco-Friendly Cutting Board for All Cooking Purposes

Organic Bamboo Cutting Board made by Heim Concept is the best cutting board option for those who love bamboo items or just want to find quality kitchen gear for an affordable price. Heim Concept is a US-based company that specifies stainless steel kitchen gear and accessories production, with a developed bamboo board series. This model is a perfect combination of chopping bamboo surface and serving plate that is safe for your health and gentle to your knives.

The board is made of 100% organic Musu bamboo with no added chemicals or dyers and has natural anti-bacterial features. The cutting surface`s size is pretty large: it is 18 inches long and 12 inches wide, while its thickness is slightly smaller than its wooden competitors – 1 inch. It weighs 5.5 pounds, being heavy enough to remain stable while you use it, and lightweight enough to move and wash it easily. The reversible design of this model allows you to use it for multiple purposes. One side of the plank has a drip groove to collect all extra moisture and don’t let it get out of the cutting surface, while the other plain side is perfect for bread chopping. The brand provides customers with 90 days warranty for manufacturing defects or issues connected with the materials.

The board is much easier to wash with soap and warm water, but it is necessary to dry it after washing. Also, I highly recommend regular oiling. It is necessary to take care of the item in the same way as you treat the wooden model to prolong its lifetime. After long use, a bamboo cutting board might become furry and susceptible to various bacteria – when it happens, it is better to change the utensil.

  • It is much easier to clean compared with wooden cutting items;
  • Eco-friendly material;
  • Can be used as a serving plate;
  • Toxin and BPA free;
  • The price is excellent for a high-quality, durable model.
  • Requires manual washing and oiling;
  • Short warranty period.

The boards’ price is remarkable – it costs only approximately $20-25 that makes it the cheapest cutting plank model from our list. Considering its useful design, quality of the material, and large size, this is the best offer for those who need something less pricey.

What to Consider When Choosing a Cutting Board

Choosing the right cutting board for your needs can be a tough task. With so many different options on the market, it can be hard to know where to start.

Size is an important consideration when choosing a cutting board. If you do a lot of cooking, you’ll need a board that’s large enough to accommodate all your ingredients. If space is limited in your kitchen, you might want to opt for a smaller board.

Material is another key factor to think about. Wood and plastic are the most popular options, but there are also boards made from glass, stone, or bamboo. each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to do your research before making a decision.

Safety is also an important consideration when choosing a cutting board. Look for a board with nonslip feet to prevent it from moving around while you’re working. And make sure the board is thick enough to withstand heavy chopping without dulling your knives.

Finally, don’t forget to think about design. Choose a board that will complement the look of your kitchen and fit in with your other tools and appliances. With so many factors to consider, choosing the right cutting board can be a daunting task. But if you take the time to think about size, material, safety, and design, you’ll be sure to find the perfect board for your needs.

Choosing the Best Cutting Boards for Knives

With the wide range of various models and materials, it is pretty hard to define what type of cutting board is best for knives, good-looking, and durable. For proper identification of the best cutting board that will meet your individual requirements, you have to start by observing various materials planks are made of, their specific features, and merits. The most popular materials for cutting planks are wood, plastic, glass, bamboo, rubber, and composite.

While wood cutting boards are stylish and can handle intense chopping and high temperatures, they require special treatment and attention. Bamboo models can offer you the highest quality for an excellent price, but they also have to be dried and oiled to protect your food from various bacteria. Thus, my personal favorites are rubber and composite cutting planks: while the first one is excellent for Japanese knives and perfectly resistant to bacteria, the second can be used at high temperatures, is easy to take care of, and can serve you as long as you need.

Which item would you rather choose: a rubber or composite one? Or, perhaps, you are a fan of classic wood boards? Let’s define our common cutting board rating leader in the comments!

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