Best Pizza in Greenpoint (Updated Jan 2023)

I’ve sampled pizza at more than a few hotspots around the world, but this time I find myself on a quest for the Best Pizza in Greenpoint. After visiting eleven different establishments, I’m ready to share my findings with you!

I’m going to keep it lighthearted and humorous as I tell you why each of these places deserves your attention. So grab your appetite and get ready for a delectable tour of Greenpoint’s finest pizzerias!

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#1 best pizza place in Brooklyn - San Antonio's Wood Fired Pizza

#1 San Antonio’s Wood Fired Pizza

The pizza was so delicious that I actually felt my taste buds do a little dance of joy! The dough was light and airy, with just the right amount of crunch. Topping wise, they definitely don’t skimp on the cheese or pepperoni. And the sauce? It’s like a work of art – sweet and flavorful with just the right kick.

I must also mention how pleasant the waitstaff was! They were attentive, knowledgeable, and patient with my dietary restrictions. Plus, they made great recommendations on which pizzas to order and even let me try before I committed to anything. Definitely top-notch customer service!

To sum up, San Antonio’s Wood Fired Pizza is a must-try for anyone searching for the best pizza in Greenpoint. Whether you’re traveling from near or far, you won’t be disappointed!

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#1 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Greenpoint Original Pizza

#2 Greenpoint Original Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 11AM-10PM
Tuesday: 11AM-10PM
Wednesday: 11AM-10PM
Thursday: 11AM-10PM
Friday: 10AM-10PM
Saturday: 11AM-10PM
Sunday: 11AM-10PM

The first thing that struck me about Greenpoint Original Pizza was the decor. The walls were painted with colorful murals of classic Italian scenes and the quaint wooden tables created the perfect atmosphere for me to enjoy the delicious pizza.

But of course, the pizza is what makes it great! Their dough is made fresh daily from a secret recipe that only a few select people know. This isn’t just any ordinary pizza dough – it’s thick but still light, flaky and chewy. It’s not overly salty or greasy either – which guarantees every bite will be flavorful.

I tried their famous pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and oh my goodness, it was so good! The flavorful sauce paired perfectly with the salty pepperoni and creamy cheese, creating an explosion of flavor in each bite.

Greenpoint Original Pizza may be small, simple, and unassuming, but I can confidently say it serves some of the best pizza in Greenpoint!

#1 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Salsa

#3 Salsa

Open Hours
Monday: 1-9PM
Tuesday: 1-9:30PM
Wednesday: 1-9:30PM
Thursday: 1-9:30PM
Friday: 11AM-10PM
Saturday: 11AM-10PM
Sunday: 11AM-10PM

When I arrived, the first thing that immediately caught my eye was the wood-fired oven in the corner – it definitely gives Salsa an authentic and unique pizza experience that made me feel like I was somewhere else. The staff was friendly and helpful and even suggested some of their favorite pies for me to try.

I decided on a classic Margherita pizza with fresh mozzarella, basil and tomatoes. It was delicious! The crust had just enough crunch and the ingredients were incredibly fresh.

But what really impressed me was their specialty pizzas. They had options like a “Pesto Potato” pie with roasted potatoes, pesto and fontina cheese – seriously tasty! My taste buds were tingling with excitement (and maybe a little spice) when I tried it out.

All in all, Salsa definitely serves up some of the best pizza in Greenpoint. If you’re looking for something new and different but still delicious, then this place is worth checking out!

#1 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Paulie Gee's

#4 Paulie Gee’s

Open Hours
Monday: 6-10PM
Tuesday: 6-10PM
Wednesday: 6-10PM
Thursday: 6-10PM
Friday: 6-11PM
Saturday: 5-11PM
Sunday: 5-10PM

  • Has some vegetarian options
  • Nice tourist spot
  • Serves alcohol (and hard liquor!)

  • No delivery

The atmosphere is fantastic and perfect for a tourist spot; the servers are welcoming and helpful. Plus, they serve alcohol, so you can enjoy a beer or a hard liquor while you wait for your pizza. The vegetarian options have always been a hit when I’ve visited – surprisingly flavorful and filling – making it easy to accommodate everyone’s tastes.

It’s definitely worth the visit if you’re looking for an unforgettable pizza experience – just don’t expect delivery from this place as that isn’t something they offer! All in all, Paulie Gee’s has become my go-to for the best pizza in Greenpoint. Delicious, authentic flavors make it well worth the trip!

#1 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Fornino

#5 Fornino

Open Hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 5-10PM
Wednesday: 5-10PM
Thursday: 5-10PM
Friday: 5-10PM
Saturday: 12-10PM
Sunday: 12-9PM

  • Offers dessert
  • Serves alcohol
  • Nice tourist spot
  • Has some vegetarian options

The restaurant itself is small but inviting, with an outdoor seating area that offers a great view of the city. It’s the perfect spot for enjoying a delicious pizza.

I have to say, the pizza is truly delicious! The crust is nice and crunchy with just the right amount of char on it. Inside is packed full of flavorful ingredients like fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, salami and mushrooms. And the sauces are unlike any I’ve ever had before—they’re sweet yet savory and perfectly balanced.

The service is always friendly and efficient too which makes dining here an absolute pleasure. Overall I’d absolutely recommend Fornino’s pizza to anyone looking for the best pizza in Greenpoint!

#1 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Screamer's Pizzeria

#6 Screamer’s Pizzeria

Open Hours
Monday: 12-10PM
Tuesday: 12-10PM
Wednesday: 12-10PM
Thursday: 12-10PM
Friday: 12-10PM
Saturday: 12-10PM
Sunday: 12-10PM

  • Nice tourist spot
  • Has some vegetarian options

From the moment I arrived at Screamer’s, I knew the place was going to be a winner. The smell of freshly made pizza filled the air and made my mouth water.

I decided to try the classic pepperoni pizza. Wow! The crust was tasty and crunchy, just as it should be. The generous helping of cheese was delicious as well. And then there were those amazing pepperonis that just melted in my mouth like butter! It was definitely one of the best pizzas I have ever had.

The service at Screamer’s was really great too. The staff were friendly and attentive, always making sure that my experience was top-notch.

All in all, I would highly recommend Screamer’s Pizzeria for anyone looking for some truly delicious pizza – you won’t be disappointed! They have certainly earned their title as having some of the best pizza in Greenpoint!

#1 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Montesacro Brooklyn

#7 Montesacro Brooklyn

Open Hours
Monday: 12-10PM
Tuesday: 12-10PM
Wednesday: 12-10PM
Thursday: 12-10PM
Friday: 12-10:30PM
Saturday: 11AM-10:30PM
Sunday: 11AM-10PM

  • Has some vegetarian options
  • Serves alcohol (and hard liquor!)
  • Offers dessert

The atmosphere at the restaurant was pleasant and inviting, the staff were all friendly and attentive.

But we all know that a pizza is only as good as its ingredients, and Montesacro Brooklyn doesn’t disappoint. The dough was light and fluffy, the sauce had a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, and the cheeses were creamy and flavorful. My favorite topping combination was their signature ‘Margherita’, with fresh tomatoes, basil, mozzarella cheese, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil – a classic Italian combination that really hit the spot!

My dining companions also commented on how impressive the crust of each pizza was – obviously the result of high-quality baking techniques. The pizzas cooked quickly without burning or leaving any soggy bits behind. All in all it was a truly delicious experience!

I can confidently say that Montesacro Brooklyn has some of the best pizza in Greenpoint – no doubt about it! If you’re looking for an excellent place to get some great Italian pizza, then this is definitely the place to go.

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#1 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Rome to Brooklyn, pizza & panzerotti

#8 Rome to Brooklyn, pizza & panzerotti

Open Hours
Monday: 10AM-11PM
Tuesday: 10AM-11PM
Wednesday: 10AM-11PM
Thursday: 10AM-11PM
Friday: 10AM-11PM
Saturday: 10AM-11PM
Sunday: 10AM-11PM

The atmosphere was just as amazing as the food. The inside of the restaurant is decorated with mismatched chairs, old posters and pizza-themed knick knacks. It had a cozy feel, like I was in my friend’s home.

The menu offered a wide variety of options that were made with high quality ingredients. I chose the classic Margherita pizza and it did not disappoint! The crust had a perfect flavor and texture that I hadn’t experienced since eating pizza in Rome years ago. The cheese was melted to perfection and the tomato sauce had a delicious depth of flavor.

I also tried one of their panzerotti, which was stuffed with cheese, tomato sauce and herbs – truly sublime! All of their dishes were well-prepared and presented beautifully on wooden boards.

I cannot recommend Rome to Brooklyn enough – from the awesome atmosphere to the amazing food, it is definitely worth visiting if you’re ever in Greenpoint looking for some good pizza!

#1 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Paulie Gee's Slice Shop

#9 Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop

Open Hours
Monday: 11:30AM-10PM
Tuesday: 11:30AM-10PM
Wednesday: 11:30AM-10PM
Thursday: 11:30AM-10PM
Friday: 11:30AM-11PM
Saturday: 11:30AM-11PM
Sunday: 11:30AM-10PM

  • Has some vegetarian options
  • Great place to watch sports
  • Serves alcohol
  • Nice tourist spot

The atmosphere at Paulie Gee’s is light-hearted and energetic, perfect for a post-work slice or a gathering of friends. And the pizza? To die for! Their crust is perfectly cooked – not too crunchy, not too soft, with just enough char. The toppings are creative and delicious – my favorite so far has been their pepperoni and asparagus pie.

Aside from their pizza, I was also impressed by their friendly service; the staff were always willing to answer questions and make recommendations on what to try. They even cater to those that want to get creative, allowing customers to customize their own pies.

Overall, if you’re ever in Greenpoint and looking for some of the best pizza around, then look no further than Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop!

#1 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Mario's Pizza

#10 Mario’s Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 12-10PM
Tuesday: 12-10PM
Wednesday: 12-10PM
Thursday: 12-10PM
Friday: 12-11PM
Saturday: 12-11PM
Sunday: 12-9PM

The atmosphere at Mario’s Pizza is like no other. When I stepped through the door, I was greeted with a warm Italian welcome and a slice of steaming pizza fresh out of the oven. I felt like I had been transported to Italy!

The pizza was delicious, to say the least. The crust was made just right, so it wasn’t too thick or thin but somewhere in between. The toppings were plentiful, including pepperoni and sausage as well as green peppers and onions. Each bite was better than the last!

The service at Mario’s Pizza was top-notch too. Everyone from the hostess to servers to the people behind the counter were friendly and helpful. They even gave me extra napkins when needed and always asked if I wanted one more slice before leaving!

All in all, my experience at Mario’s Pizza was nothing short of wonderful. Whether you’re looking for a nice evening out or just want some of the best pizza in Greenpoint, this is definitely the place to go!

#1 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Casanova

#11 Casanova

Open Hours
Monday: 11AM-11PM
Tuesday: 11AM-11PM
Wednesday: 11AM-11PM
Thursday: 11AM-11PM
Friday: 11AM-11PM
Saturday: 11AM-11PM
Sunday: Closed

  • Has insanely good dessert
  • Nice tourist spot
  • Has a kid’s menu
  • Serves alcohol (and hard liquor!)

This establishment is sure to leave a lasting impression. As soon as I walked in, I was presented with the sweet smell of baking pizza dough and sauce bubbling away in the oven. The decor is definitely unique; think Italian Renaissance meets modern pizzeria.

When it comes to their pizza, they have a variety of mouth-watering options, like ‘The Grand Poobah’ with pepperoni, sausage, and bacon and ‘The Casanova’ with mushrooms, olives and onions. Having sampled both, I can confidently say they’re both delicious!

What really sets Casanova apart from other pizza shops is their crust. This thin-crust pizza is just the right amount of crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside – perfection! Needless to say, my taste buds were delighted by the expertly crafted pies that come out of this kitchen.

For those who are looking for the best pizza in Greenpoint, look no further than Casanova! Not only will your stomach thank you but you’ll also get a wonderful meal experience from pleasant ambiance to scrumptious food.

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