Best Pizza Oven Brush: A Helpful Guide on How to Choose One

I believe that there is no other way to make pizza apart from over an open fire. The crispy crust, the texture, and the smoky flavor just make it all. The problem is that you may not have the right pizza-making tools when you want to enjoy some good homemade pizza. So, what to do in this case? I have been cooking over an open fire since childhood, and now I would like to share some cooking secrets with you.

First of all, get yourself a pizza stone. This item can give you a good bargain when using your regular oven or pizza because of getting all the benefits of cooking it on stone. The pizza stone is quite special, and those that appreciate cooking using cast iron tools will understand the care that goes into cooking using the stone. Just like the cast iron pan, your pizza stone needs to be seasoned. Once this happens, washing it in soap and water is not an option. What you need is a pizza stone brush. This allows you to carefully scrape off any remaining food and keep the stone clean.

Pizza oven brush honestly makes everything so much better and easier. However, it is important to choose a high-quality tool, so you must pay attention to the type you buy. I have been lucky enough to use several pizza stone brushes in my life to make the very best pizza, and so I understand that it is not a straightforward decision to make. However, with my help, we will manage to get you just the perfect rush at an affordable price and the right quality.

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What is the Best Pizza Oven Brush to Buy?

Those pizza lovers that had used stones for a while must have tried out a few brushes. It is worth admitting that it is just not as simple to pick out as you could imagine. The most common pizza stone brush can clean the stone when it is hot. And not every average brush will shine here.

I have burned off a couple of bristles in my time before I found well-working brushes. Below I’ll walk you through my top seven pizza ovens and stone brushes that you can use. Let’s get right into the first one!

1. Cuisinart CCB-399: Pizza Oven Cleaning Brush

Let’s start with why I love this brush. It’s a good tool, plain, and simple. What is important, it will really last you a long time if you care for it properly. By this I mean do not clean your pizza stone while it is hot and right from the oven. That always has poor results. Therefore, it is better just to give that stone some time to cool off. Do not pour water on it; you may spoil or even broke the stone.

Have a look at this brush! I like this natural bristle pizza oven brush with bristles of the palm stalk. This gives you a little more to work with since this item won’t melt right off like some of these plastic brushes. However, I insist on giving your stone some time to cool. Then you can clean it off and keep it till next time.

The bristles are quite dense and, as I mentioned, strong. It means that after your stone has cooled, you won’t need too much effort cleaning it. A brush, even the best one, will start wearing off after months of use, and this one is not any different. However, you can use it a good number of times before it starts looking bad.

The handle on this brush is another great thing to look at since it allows you to clean your stone safely. What is more, it even makes it easier to use a pizza oven brush scraper. It is an 18-inch brush that is long enough to work comfortably. I think it is a gentle, strong, and durable tool that will not break because you applied too much force while cleaning the surface. It also has a nice ring at the end so you can easily hang it in your kitchen.

Cuisinart CCB-399 Pizza Stone Cleaning Brush
1,273 Reviews
Cuisinart CCB-399 Pizza Stone Cleaning Brush
  • 18" LONG BRUSH: The 18-inch-long brush is the perfect size for brushing off debris from your pizza stone while it is in your grill or oven.
  • PALM STALK FIBER BRISTLES: The palm stalk fiber bristles are tough on caked-on messes and provide and safe and natural alternative to steel wire bristles.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: The 13-inch-long handle features a rubberized grip and ergonomically shaped handle to keep your hand comfortable and far from the mess...

  • It has a rubber grip for easy handling
  • It comes with a stainless steel scrapper
  • The brush is thick and durable
  • The steel brush holder tends to bend if too much force is applied

2. Winco BR-10 Brass Wire Oven Bristle Brush: Pizza Oven Wire Brush

I want to say that nothing can replace the reliability of a wire brush. This type of brush is a great option if you prefer to clean your pizza stone while it is still hot. Many people say that they prefer cleaning it hot since it is easier to remove everything from the surface at that time. I agree with that; however, you need to make sure you do not spoil the stone during your cleaning.

I love a lot of things about this Winco brush, but let’s start with the most important aspect of it, and that is the bristles. It is great that the wire bristles are not made from ordinary stainless steel but from brass. The first thing you will notice while using this brush is that it gives an oven a completely new look. I ordered this pizza oven brush a few years ago, and this model became a great addition to my tools.

Another thing that you would appreciate is that the scrapper in this unit is attached to the brush. Thus, you don’t have to keep switching tools. I think that it is a useful feature since it makes tidying up really fast and easy. The brush is about 11 inches long. It is a good length to allow you to clean a large pizza stone without struggling. It also adds to its durability. The bristles are not as thick as I like them to be, but even with these, it is a pretty good brush that will work for you for at least two years.

The bad news is that the brush doesn’t come with a handle so you either have to order it separately or look for it at your local hardware. I do not mind that it doesn’t come with a handle since it is quite cheap to buy a handle for it if you don’t have one in your kitchen.

Winco Brass Wire Oven Bristle Brush with Metal Scraper,Brown,Medium
127 Reviews
Winco Brass Wire Oven Bristle Brush with Metal Scraper,Brown,Medium
  • Winco products are made to meet the high demands of a kitchen
  • Trusted and reliable
  • Winco products range from tabletop to kitchen utensils to food preparation supplies

  • It has a scrapper attached
  • It is just the right size for most stones
  • The bristles are durable and don’t melt
  • After some time of using it starts shedding badly

3. Lodge 10 Inch Scrub Brush: Pizza Oven Brush Oval Head

I love this brush for two things: it is round and really dense. I love round pizza stone brushes since I find it easier to clean stones with round motions. It allows you to really get into those edges to remove every last bit of food out. This model has a convenient ergonomic design that allows you to handle it properly when cleaning.

While there is a lot to tell about this pizza stone brush, I will start with the most obvious thing to dislike. It is the bristles, so beautifully thick but made from nylon. This means that if you use this brush on a hot stone, it will definitely melt. Thus, if you buy this model, you need to leave your stone for some time to cool firstly. Then, you can quickly clean it without messing up the seasoning.

Other than that, it is an excellent brush that will give you great value for the money spent. The handle has an excellent design and gives you a good grip while you are working. It is approximately ten inches long, so you have adequate length to give you an easy time when cleaning. The thickness of these bristles is something to enjoy. They are durable when not put on hot surfaces, so you don’t need to worry about shedding before a couple of years of great use.

I like buying tools that I can use in several ways, and this brush is one of such. It can also work as a great cast iron cleaner due to its stiffness. Thus, if you have been looking for a tool for pan, this is a good solution for you. It is also quite affordable for the quality you get so that it would be a good investment.

Lodge SCRBRSH Scrub Brush, 10-Inch
9,303 Reviews
Lodge SCRBRSH Scrub Brush, 10-Inch
  • One Lodge Care Scrub Brush, 10 Inch
  • Rubber wood handle with a natural lacquer finish
  • Plastic head with stiff nylon bristles preserve your cookware's finish

  • It is a really dense brush
  • It has multiple uses in the kitchen
  • The bristles are durable
  • The handle is not too strong so that it may break

4. Pizzacraft 4″ x 5″ Hardwood: Woodstone Pizza Oven Brush

The design of this brush by Pizzacraft is one of the things that you will enjoy most about it. It is designed with a long handle that allows you to clean your stone really quickly. It is an excellent tool to use since it is easy to handle, and you can quickly scrap off all the remnants without burning yourself.

If you like a traditional stainless steel wire brush, then you will be happy to know that this brush gives you exactly the same results. It is a perfect tool if you always feel like other brushes don’t do a good job. However, do not scrub your stone with this one too hard. The bristles are strong enough and quite dense, so they are suitable for all your cleaning needs. Since they are not too long, they won’t shed until you have had a good number of uses of this brush.

I would not advise you to buy this stone brush if you have a light-colored pizza stone. Many reviewers with beige pizza stones have mentioned that this product does leave your stone with some brush marks. This would not be a nice look to have, so you can either use this brush with a dark stone or consider any other option from this list.

Other than that, the brush does an excellent job, especially if you prefer cleaning your stone while it is still hot. The thick and durable bristles will clean all the little bits of food with very minimal effort. It is possible to use this brush for many years so that you may forget about any replacement.

Pizzacraft 4' x 5' Hardwood Handled Pizza Stone Scrubber Brush with Stainless Steel Bristles - PC0206
443 Reviews
Pizzacraft 4" x 5" Hardwood Handled Pizza Stone Scrubber Brush with Stainless Steel Bristles - PC0206
  • Keep your baking stone looking clean and well preserved
  • Remove tough, baked on remnants safely and easily.
  • Stainless steel bristles

  • Thick and durable
  • Suitable for cleaning hot stones
  • Great for buffing your pizza stone
  • It may stain some pizza stones

5. Carlisle 4577200 Carbon Steel Bristle: Pizza Oven Carbon Brush

While I have been making pizzas using a pizza stone for a long time, I don’t have a large stone. However, if you have a huge pizza stone and oven, every brush you use may come too short. In this case, you should take a closer look at this Carlisle 4577200 that was made right for you. It is an enormous brush! Still, it is lightweight, so you won’t have a difficult time cleaning your oven or stone.

It stands at an incredible 39 inches, which is almost three times the size of an average brush, just to put it into perspective for you. It is the perfect tool to use if you constantly find yourself in trouble with using shorter tools. Note that it weighs only 1.9 pounds, so it is still manageable despite the large size.

The handle is made of hardwood, which I don’t dispute. But given that it is not the thickest, I wouldn’t use too much force on it. On the plus side, you can still use this brush pretty long time until it breaks.

This is another item that you can use while your stone is relatively hot. Nevertheless, I recommend letting it cool even just a bit mostly for safety purposes. The bristles it has clean really well, though not the densest ones. These are carbon steel bristles that are not only durable but can last a long time. This means that you don’t have to deal with rust. Unfortunately, it can’t be hanged in the kitchen as the tool is a massive one. You will need to find a special place for it.

Carlisle FoodService Products 4577200 Pizza/BBQ Oven Brush, Carbon Steel Bristles, 5-1/2" Length x 1-1/2" Width Brush, 39" Overall Length, 2-3/4" Bristle Trim (Pack of 12)
  • Metal Bristles: High-strength metal bristles remove carbon deposits, rust and burned-on food buildup from high-temperature ovens and grills
  • Wood Head: Built to last even in busy restaurant kitchens
  • Long Handle: Finished with long, sturdy wood handle for increased reach

  • It has a long handle for a convenient use
  • The brush is excellent for a large pizza stone
  • The bristles are strong and rust-free
  • It is not as durable as previous options
  • May be hard to store

6. Browne 100B 36″ Wood Handled: Pizza Oven Brush Scrapper

I have tried to provide you with different brush options, so you can have a better idea of what designs and features you should look for. This Browne brush is another excellent example of a pizza oven brush that allows you to gain all the benefits of a long handle. Also, you can pick one of a few designs to make it easier to clean with.

While long-handled pizza stone brushes are the best for not burning your eyebrows off, the one-hand design makes it more difficult to use. However, this is a different one that allows you to use it just like you would use a broom. It enables you to use both hands since it is quite long, namely 36 inches with a solid wooden handle.

The bristles on this model are made from brass, so it is another great option if you don’t want to deal with rust on your wire brush. This product is a bit dense, so you would use it for a good number of months before it starts shedding. It gets all the pieces of burned food off your stone conveniently and fast enough. The price is higher than for any of the other brushes reviewed, but that is because of the great quality and convenient long handle.

Browne 36' Wood Handled Oven Brush w/ Scraper
21 Reviews
Browne 36" Wood Handled Oven Brush w/ Scraper
  • Features a scraper on the back of the brush-head to reach those hard to get areas
  • Made of brass wire bristles, steel blade scraper, solid wood block and wood handle
  • Measures 36-inch handle size and 10-inch length by 1-1/2-inch width block size

  • Easily covers all the spots on your pizza stone
  • Can be used on a hot stone
  • It has a durable and convenient design
  • It is large hence not suitable for a small oven

Cuisinart CCB-399 Pizza Stone Cleaning BrushWinco BR-10 Brass Wire Oven Bristle Brush with Metal ScraperLodge 10 Inch Scrub BrushPizzacraft Hardwood Handled Pizza Stone Scrubber BrushCarlisle Carbon Steel Bristle Pizza/BBQ Oven BrushBrowne (100B) Wood-Handled Oven Brush
Product Dimensions: 20.9 x 1.6 x 1.6 inchesProduct Dimensions: 10 x 1.1 x 4.1 inchesProduct Dimensions: 10.4 x 2.4 x 2.6 inchesProduct Dimensions: 4 x 5.2 x 3.5 inchesProduct Dimensions: 39.5 x 4 x 2.2 inchesProduct Dimensions: 38.75 x 10 x 4.5 inches
Item Weight: 10.6 ouncesItem Weight: 1 poundsItem Weight: 4 ouncesItem Weight: 10.4 ouncesItem Weight: 1.9 poundsItem Weight: 1.08 pounds
Shipping Weight: 13.6 ouncesShipping Weight: 1.05 poundsShipping Weight: 4 ouncesShipping Weight: 10.4 ouncesShipping Weight: 1.9 poundsShipping Weight: 2.05 pounds
Manufacturer: The Fulham GroupManufacturer: Winco USAManufacturer: LodgeManufacturer: Charcoal CompanionManufacturer: Carlisle CorporationManufacturer: Browne Foodservice

Have You Decided on a Pizza Stone Brush to Purchase?

If you like pizza done the right way, then you must at least purchase a good pizza stone and brush for cleaning. The options in the market are endless, but keep in mind what you value most in your brush: the design, length, or price point. However, there brushes reviewed above can give you all of that and more. I don’t like any bargain when it comes to my pizza making so I got all the features covered.

What do you value most in your pizza stone brush? What model have you been using so far? Or are you purchasing your first pizza oven brush? Tell me your story in the comments below!

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