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Hi! I have important notice for you. Unfortunately, Blackstone Product discontinued the line of these ovens in 2018. Of course, you still can find them on eBay and at the warehouses of local stores in your city if you’re lucky enough. However, large federal chains and online stores, such as Amazon, Walmart, and the official store of the manufacturer, won’t sell them anymore. This year, I haven’t found them anywhere, although I tried to do it several times to update the article.

But don’t be disappointed as I have several worthy alternatives to offer to you. Use the links below to read my comprehensive reviews of:

Review of Blackstone Patio Oven

Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven for Outdoor Cooking - Electric Ignition - 2x Faster Than Other Pizza Ovens
389 Reviews
Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven for Outdoor Cooking - Electric Ignition - 2x Faster Than Other Pizza Ovens
  • FAST AND CONVENIENT - The Blackstone Patio Oven offers a 60,000 BTU burner for quick and even heat. Cook a pizza 2x faster than other pizza ovens
  • EASY IGNITION - Offers a push button igniter and durable steel handles. The motor can be powered by 2 “D” sized batteries, or you can plug it in!...
  • ROTATING STONE - The powered rotisserie motor rotates the pizza stone for accurate and reliable brick oven results in your backyard or on the go! Cooks up...

Blackstone has literally taken outdoor cooking pizza to the next level. The mission of the founding members was to offer a range of portable outdoor cooking products for enthusiasts who take food more seriously than anything. Blackstone’s products are for people for whom cooking is a passion and a means to bring family members together to enjoy delicious food. Anybody who loves cooking pizza can use their products no matter how old they are.

When it comes to placing a Blackstone pizza oven, you really need a small space in your garden to prepare and serve pizza in style. These portable ovens definitely make for a stunning addition to your backyard. They also make a great gift for any grill enthusiast and for those who would not want to be slaving over a hot stove in all this sunny weather. If you want to take your love for pizza to the next level, don’t look any further and get yourself a Blackstone outdoor pizza oven. I have recommended this product to my friends and they are already using it at home. Trust me, this portable oven delivers what it promises — an amazing and authentic taste of pizza.

The company’s products are categorized into four collections catering to different segments. Currently, I am reviewing Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven from their “Backyard Living” collection. You may not be able to order it online as it is undergoing a redesign. The company intends to release the new version in fall 2020.

The oven runs on propane. The principle behind its work is that it contains a single burner and two pizza stones inside. The flame first heats up the bottom pizza stone. It further travels around and warms up the top pizza stone. This means when you have the perfect temperature of approx. seven hundred degrees, you can cook a pizza in just three minutes. I would definitely recommend this to beginners that read the Blackstone pizza oven review. You can easily experiment with different sorts of flavors and basic ingredients, and learn how to make tasty pizza yourself at home. It is really amazing to make your own dough and your own sauce, match them with any ingredients you want, and use this oven to cook your unique pizza. It’s even more fun when you cook a variety of pizzas and share them with family and friends.

This oven has an electric motor, so it runs on batteries. When plugged in, it slowly rotates the bottom piece of stone. In this way, your pizza cooks uniformly from all sides. I will mention some key features of this oven:

  • It cooks your pizza in merely two to four minutes due to its patented convection design combined with sixty thousand BTUS;
  • You can get persistent and perfect brick oven result with the revolving cooking surface and prepare pizza after pizza;
  • This portable oven can be easily moved wherever you want, even though it weighs 103 pounds. With the help of its commercial-grade caster and steel handles meeting stringent quality standards, you can move it easily;
  • Its push-button ignition and modifiable temperature help you make a great tasting pizza quickly;
  • High-quality thrust bearing supports the bottom rotating stone and can easily fit a sixteen-inch pizza.

What is in the kit?

Blackstone pizza oven parts are very easy to assemble as most of the techniques and finesse is already taken care of. When you buy it, you get:

  • Separate rotating tray to cook pizza;
  • Two blackstone pizza oven clean pizza stones of sixteen inches size;
  • Motor for the pizza tray;
  • Power cord to run the motor;
  • Great quality side steel handles;
  • Commercial grade legs with wheels;
  • Side shelves;
  • A wire rack for storage purpose;
  • Hood thermometer;
  • Oven’s main body.

What’s good about it?

I have heard numerous great Blackstone pizza oven reviews and I wondered whether the high rating is due to its price. Most of my friends were pleased with the reliability, cost, and durability of this oven. I don’t have any real grievances even with the design of this oven. It is a little heavy if compared with other brands, but the overall look is nice. Adding high-quality wheels was a nice idea to move it around easily. You can easily fit a twenty-pound propane bottle as the grill has a separate shelf for it, it makes the grill more compact.

Some people may not like the idea of shelves, but I think with this kind of grill design, they are still a nice feature to have. The main body is well built and made of stainless steel. Different great quality materials have been used to build the body of the oven. It is very safe even for teenagers and beginners as these materials keep the heat from the burner inside. The only thing I would like to see in this oven is a removable lid on the front side. But this is just a suggestion as this oven is still capable of maintaining a consistent temperature.

It’s quite possible that the company may want to introduce another version of this oven, the one with wood pallets. Well, when it comes to comparing the Blackstone pizza oven vs the Uuni oven, the only differentiating point may be the wood-fired flavor. Let me resolve this confusion for you: this oven uses reflected heat and gives you the same great taste as the oven that uses wood.


I loved this oven because:

  • It is super easy to use. I really liked the fact that it is mobile, so I can move it anywhere in the house. The wheels are really helpful when you need to change the grill position or move it. Once the grill is at your desired position, you can fix/lock that position so it does not change;
  • It maintains consistent temperature. The very first thing I check when buying a pizza oven is that it cooks consistently. I know this is a very important factor for all of us and, trust me, this is what this oven exactly does. I have been using it for a while now, and it always delivers a tasty pizza with a nicely browned crust in merely a few minutes;
  • It can accommodate different pizzas. This oven is superb for cooking different types of pizza. Blackstone pizza oven diameter is big enough to let you cook pizzas up to sixteen inches. It nicely fits everyone’s choice;
  • It is perfect for large parties or gatherings as you can cook a pizza of up to 16 inches in length. There are very few portable ovens that can match this feature at a reasonable price.
  • The pizza tastes great. I know, it does not use wood pallets for cooking, but you don’t need to buy another oven fired by wood pallets. When you eat the pizza grilled on Blackstone oven, interestingly it tastes the same as if you cooked it over wood. Let me explain the mechanics here: this product utilizes reflected heat and it offers the same great taste as the oven using wood;
  • It has the rotating tray feature. Yes, other ovens also have this feature. But I have not heard a single complaint from Blackstone users about the crust being cooked at the sides and doughy in the middle. Rotating tray maintains cooking consistency, and all you can do is to watch the pizza cook all day long;
  • The cooking speed is great. A few days back, I’ve thrown a really big pizza party and I have cooked 25 great-tasting pizzas in an hour. I loved the cooking speed of this oven as it can cook pizza within minutes. You don’t really need to rotate your pizza, and loading/unloading is very easy with a regular pizza peel.

What’s not so good

  • Most of the complaints are regarding the temperature of this pizza oven. The item description mentions that you can get a temperature as high as 700 °F. A few people said their oven could only reach approximately 600 degrees. Similarly, the maximum temperature above the grill was only 400 degrees. However, despite this, I believe you can still cook really delicious pizza. I have used this one, and, in my opinion, reaching 700 °F temperature does not really matter;
  • Few complaints highlight that the assembly process took extra minutes and was a bit confusing. This can happen to anyone, but most people have followed the instructions carefully and assembled the parts within few minutes.

Some tips and instructions

Product DimensionsItem WeightShipping WeightManufacturer
43.2 x 19 x 54 inches117 pounds118 poundsNorth Atlantic Imports LLC
  1. Remember, you will need two D batteries for the motor and an AA for the ignitor;
  2. When you fire it up for the first time, it is going to take some time. There is no need to panic and put your face into the oven to see what’s going on. It may burn your bangs or eyebrows;
  3. If you check the temperature and it has not reached 700, I think it’s fine. There is always a difference in actual cooking temperature and what’s displayed on the thermometer which is mounted above the top stone. The temperature of the bottom stone would be really high. There is no need to check that temperature to prove me wrong and go near the bottom rotating stone. After all, you need 375°F to cook a delicious pizza;
  4. You don’t need to rotate the pizza every now and then. The rotating surface is already making sure that your pizza is cooked evenly.

I know, we tend to get excited when using different equipment and want to check if something went wrong. But here you need to control that urge and let the oven do its job.

How good is the price

This is the only product that even critics recommend. If I would ever write down the reasons why American families love this product, I am sure the list is going to be very long. For me, it is a very decent oven with an amazing price. Just think about what it can do: it has a rotating cooking surface, can be used for large gatherings, gives a taste just like a wood oven, and has tons of great reviews. Besides, the company offers great customer service. If you are in need of a unique oven with great features, then you should definitely buy this oven.


I am hopeful that after reading this review, you will want to buy this oven and cook some delicious pizza. I had something in mind for people who tend to avoid expensive restaurants and try to eat home-cooked food. This pizza oven gives you healthier options. So if you are craving a thin crust pizza with little cheese, no meat, and lots of veggies, you can just cook a delicious one in few minutes. My question for you is, When are you planning a healthy outdoor cooking party for your family? And it would be great if you share your experience with me.

This is undoubtedly the best oven in the world for outdoor cooking. It just looks like a traditional portable stainless steel oven but it gives your pizza a taste similar to any wood oven. It is just perfect for any deck or porch. I rate it as a real value for my money. I have been asked by many people if this oven can do anything else. Of course, it can, few days back I’ve cooked a roast eggplant topped with buttermilk. This oven has the versatility creative chefs need to prepare different dishes. Let me know if you are one of them.

User Rating: 4 (6 votes)

  1. motor is just about worthless forget about even using the battery drive

  2. How do we get parts for a black stone pizza oven??? My motor that turns the tray doesn’t work any more looks like the gears are broken!!!

  3. I love this pizza oven! It makes great pizza and is very easy to use.

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