Euro Cuisine PM600: A Small Electric Pizza Oven That Does a Big Job

My infatuation with pizza has a long history. In fact, I’ve been a pizza fan since childhood, experimenting with the many ways to cook it in hope of getting the perfect combination of bubbly golden crust and cheese that’s stretchy and not burnt. Finally, I went to Italy in 2014, bringing home one big takeaway: there’s absolutely nothing like a wood-fired oven when it comes to making a perfect pizza.

Unfortunately, this kind of equipment tends to be bulky, to say the least, and there are many pizza lovers who’d appreciate the opportunity to use higher-than-average temperatures inside their flat. Since it’s the exposure to an intense heat that makes traditional pizza ovens so efficient, broiling is often regarded as an alternative. As heat is applied directly to whatever you are broiling, it changes the texture of the food. This is one way to get a puffy golden crust in a not-so-big kitchen. Alternatively, you can pair broiling with regular baking to make sure that the dough is well-cooked. Whichever you choose, a Euro Cuisine electric pizza oven is fit for the purpose.

The product is essentially an extra-compact indoor electric pizza oven for cooks who want the springy crust but aren’t prepared for a full-blown wood-fired oven. Here’s what I think of it after making a series of delicious pizzas at home.

Euro Cuisine PM600 12″ Review: What’s Good and What Could Be Better

PM600 is a countertop electric pizza maker that combines baking and broiling for quick and easy preparation of what looks and tastes very much like restaurant-made pizza. Let’s see how it works and whether it’s actually worth the dough (pun intended).

What’s in the box?

My Euro Cuisine 12-inch electric pizza oven in black came with a whole bunch of helpful accessories included in the package. Apart from the actual oven, there’s a 12-inch pizza stone and a deep-dish pan of the same diameter to choose from depending on whether you prefer the classical approach or pan pizza. The set also includes a pizza cutter and two peels. The reason that Euro Cuisine decided to give its customers two peels at the same time is probably to spare them the struggle of trying to balance a hefty piece on one flimsy peel only to drop it onto the floor sooner or later. I really appreciate this.

Design and Features

This oven has the UFO-like appearance that’s just typical of countertop appliances. It’s a roundish thing about 16 inches in diameter, consisting of two halves, the base and the top, with a massive control panel on the latter. There are two knobs, a bigger one for timer setting, spanning an interval from 0 to 30 minutes, and a smaller one to switch between three cooking modes: Bake, Broil, or Bake and Broil. Two LED indicators are included as well to show which process is taking place right now, baking or broiling (or both).

I must admit it’s not the most elegant design I’ve seen, but it does have its merits. Most importantly, the knobs are far from flimsy. As far as I can judge, they are really unlikely to get loose over time, which is a common problem in such appliances. The body’s made of metal and looks very sturdy. The device has four thick short legs that form a wide enough base, adding extra stability. Inside, there’s a tray that rotates beneath the stone or deep-dish pan to ensure uniformity of exposure.

The lid features an oval window where you can see the pizza going round on the rotating tray, so there’s no need to open the oven every once in a while to check on it. It also comes with two handles on the sides for ease of opening.


The assembled oven is 16 x 14 x 8 inches and weighs just a bit under 15 pounds. The body is made of metal all over, as are the pizza cutter, the 12” deep-dish pan, and the two peels. The spatulas have plastic-covered black handles, ribbed to prevent slipping, and the pan has two thin metal handles on the side. As an alternative to the pan, you can use the kit stone that’s also 12” in diameter.

This appliance needs 120 V, 60 Hz, and 1200 W of power to work. It’s a corded model with the power cord attached at the back.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t specify the temperature that the oven produces, but I dare say it’s about 600 degrees judging by the speed and crispiness of the crust.

Euro Cuisine covers this electric stone pizza oven with 3 years of warranty against manufacturing defects. This appliance is made in China.

How to Use Euro Cuisine PM600

Euro Cuisine Pizza Euro Cuisine Pizza Maker

Although designed specifically for pizza, some Euro Cuisine pizza maker reviews emphasize its versatility. The mix of baking and broiling makes it a powerful tool for pastries such as cinnamon rolls and biscuits, and the manufacturer declares it fit for cooking fries as well as chicken nuggets and fish sticks. I’m not sure I’m ever going to use my pizza oven for something this greasy, but I’ve already tried it out on potato skins. Those turned out amazing using the Bake and Broil mode!

This electric oven offers two basic styles to choose from, traditional stone and pan pizza. When you use a pre-heated stone, you normally get a thin, although somewhat raised, crust, while the pan variety boasts a really puffy thick base that’s literally fried until golden as it comes in contact with a greased hot deep-dish pan. The procedure will largely depend on the style you choose.

The first thing to do is pre-heat the oven for at least five minutes in the Bake and Broil mode. Whether you’re using the stone or the pan, be sure to get these hot as well; otherwise, it might be hard to avoid sticking. You also don’t want gradual heating when it comes to making pizza. What you need is instant intense heat – hence a specialized pizza oven!

Now, if you’ve chosen to cook your pizza the traditional way using the stone, don’t forget to sprinkle it with flour or cornmeal to exclude sticking completely. When the stove is hot enough, use the two peels to transfer the pizza onto the stone, one peel at each side — you’ll love it, I promise! With a stone as big as 12 inches, you really need this extra stability in transportation.

Personally I prefer the mixed Bake and Broil mode. It combines evenly distributed heat with direct exposure to ensure that the dough is not undercooked and the crust is an appetizing shade of golden. If you want an extra crispy, browned pizza, you can add a couple of minutes in the Broil mode, too. The whole process took me up to 15 minutes; I’d rather say about 10 (excluding the pre-heating stage).

Baking alone works better with thick pan pizza as this variety has a lot of dough to rise. It will most probably take more to cook. Before you start, coat the inside of the pan with olive oil. You can use some paper towels to spread the grease evenly on the sides. Let it preheat for about 10 minutes before loading the pizza, and make the crust somewhat thicker than you’d normally do. An average pizza will take about 15 minutes to bake this way, and you can always add a bit of broiling if you want the crust to develop the characteristic dark-brown blisters and craters.

Most electric pizza ovens reviews celebrate the speed of cooking that this appliance ensures due to dual heating. PM600 is not an exception, as heat is delivered from the bottom (the Bake mode) as well as from the top (the Broil mode). Add a rotating tray, and you’ll get a super quick alternative to the regular stove.

The manufacturer also suggests using this countertop oven to cook frozen ready-made pizza. I’ve run a couple of experiments, once with thawing and the other time placing a frozen pizza onto the stone right away (although the manufacturer recommends against it), and I should say that the broiling effect does a good job of reanimating the frozen crust. I still have the concern that the stone might crack if faced with an ice-cold pizza after a thorough preheating, so my recommendation is that you thaw the pizza at least a little bit before cooking it in the oven. One option I wouldn’t advise is using the deep-dish pan for this purpose, as it will most probably leave you with a somewhat soggy base.

Just like any oven, whether wood-fired, gas, or electrical, this item requires a number of precautions to prevent burns. Since you aren’t going to deal with open fire, there’s no need to tie up your hair or watch your bang. However, the metal body can get quite hot during operation, as a warning on the front duly states, which means it might be a good idea to use a pair of heat-resistant mittens (although my experience with it shows that the handles mostly stay cool). Avoid leaning on the device, too, and keep an eye on your children, if any, while using it.

For those who like a pile of toppings on their pizza, this oven might prove far from perfect as it has a heating spiral right on the inside of the lid. This means that your heap of veggies/mushrooms/whatnot will probably end up seared heavily unless you keep the pizza reasonably flat.
As for maintenance, this appliance only needs basic care. You’ll need to wash the stone or pan in warm soapy water after each use, but wiping the interior with a paper towel on a regular basis is more than enough to keep it clean. You can also use a crape to remove any debris like burnt dough. The manufacturer specifies that the device was not designed to be immersed in water. Don’t use the cutter on either the stone or the pan as this may damage the surface! At least this is what Euro Cuisine wrote in the manual, although I find it somewhat disappointing as I love the idea of serving pizza right on the stone.

  • Sturdy all-metal body with stable legs;
  • Space-saving tabletop design;
  • Cooks great pizza in about 15 minutes;
  • Combines baking and broiling for a well-done, browned crust;
  • Easy to clean up;
  • Doesn’t take up much space when stored;
  • A number of high-quality accessories included;
  • Easy to use.
  • No thermometer for precise temperature control;
  • Not the sleekest design I’ve seen, and the cord could be longer.

My Verdict

I’ve found Euro Cuisine PM600 to be immensely helpful as an alternative to bulkier and less affordable full-blown wood-fired ovens for making pizza that looks and tastes the way it’s supposed to. It’s the satisfaction of a crispy base and soft, gooey cheese that most pizza maker reviews highlight as a marker of a decent oven, and this is something that PM600 surely delivers. It’s also way quicker than simply baking pizza in a conventional stove as it combines two directions of heating, which contributes to the extra crispiness. In terms of practicality, the Euro Cuisine is significantly lighter than those brick ovens too so it can be easily moved around, which is perfect for when you have impromptu dinner parties or want to make the most of a sunny day in the garden.

If you’re tight on kitchen space, or simply want a more compact solution for cooking pizza at home, this electric pizza oven is a great option. It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to store away when not in use. And it comes with a set of well-made accessories, including a pizza paddle and spatula, for easy preparation and serving. The included pans also add versatility, allowing you to choose between thin-crust and chunky pan pizza. Plus, the oven can be used to cook other foods that need a balance of soft and crispy textures. Whether you’re looking for a space-saving solution or simply want an easier way to make delicious pizza at home, this electric pizza oven is worth considering.

PM600 is definitely not the most affordable choice when it comes to electric pizza makers, although far from premium-priced, but it’s worth the money due to how well-designed it is. This is an appliance made to last, offering versatility within a narrow specialization, which I really appreciate. I still believe it could be more attractive for the money, though. Tastes differ, but that’s how I feel about it.

Since Euro Cuisine suggests using their pizza oven for frozen pizza as well, I’d like to know your opinion on the subject. I know that some people find it fake and inauthentic, while others just love the convenience. What do you think? Can frozen pizza taste nearly as good as a freshly-made one?

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