Kettlepizza Charcoal Grill Pizza Oven Kit for Weber Review: Why Is It a Special Oven?

Lucky you are if you search for the best pizza oven that you can buy without any regret. I am ready to share with you experiences that will help you make a choice. My name is Edward, the greatest pizza fan. I do not think there is a person who loves pizza as much as I do. As a child, I consider pizza the best meal. Moreover, I loved to cook it on an open fire. I remember how excited I was when I turned 21 and purchased my first grill oven. Then in 2014, after a trip to Italy, I started practicing different ways to make pizza using a very special pizza maker, the weber grills pizza oven. My experience with this product was valuable and positive, and that is why I am going to share it with you today.

Pizza ovens are used to make pizzas, however, just like the pizza oven kit for weber, there are other functions for this machine, for instance, baking, grilling, etc. There are firewood and gas pizza ovens. However, they are much more expensive compared to the weber kettle pizza oven. I adore the unique charcoal flavor, so I prefer the oven that can make my pizza of that magnificent aroma.

Such a product is a bit pricey but worth the cost. Not to mention that it looks classy. You can transform your grill into a pizza oven. It is not so difficult to use, even if you are not a pro at making pizza with ovens. All you need to do is to watch a how-to video and start improving your cooking skills. As long as you have an interest in making pizza, then this should be one of your considerations when looking to buy a pizza maker.

I have gathered enough information about the weber pizza oven review to explain in detail, the products’ features. Read, evaluate, and mark it for purchase.

Weber Pizza Stone Review in Details

Let me take you through the journey of this amazing pizza oven.

Made in USA KettlePizza Basic Pizza Oven Kit for 18.5- and 22.5-Inch Kettle Grills, KPB-22

A lot of pizza ovens boast of having the best products, but in some way, they do not meet up the expectations of kettle pizza. Besides having a special desire and feeling for all types of pizza, I love it more when it is fresh, homemade, and very well prepared. If you do not want to eat a pizza with one well-done side and one semi-done, then you should purchase this oven.

The kettle pizza is compatible with Weber and many other brands, to form the perfect pizza maker. Here is the important feature that makes this product excellent and stands the pizza oven for weber grill from other traditional pizza makers. Unlike the traditional ovens that require you to open the doors occasionally, to check on the pizza, with the Kettle pizza, you do not need to do that.

Therefore, you can turn your kettle grill into a pizza oven. It means that when you have the first, you would need to purchase the oven as well to form the pizza charcoal oven. In other words, to form the professional machine to cook the most delicious cheese-filled pizza.

Pizza making is just one of the things that can be made using this product. Do you want to bake or cook other foods? You can do that with the help of this product, without stress. To get the maximum benefits of this, I had to purchase the full kit that includes both the kitchen grill and oven, which are sold as a set.

However, if you already have the grill, you would need to purchase only the oven. They both go hand in hand if you want your pizza to come out great. Some of my friends have told me that they made pizza with just the grill and it turned out well. I am ready to check out the possibility of that because I am already completely satisfied with what my combined kit can provide me. Let me tell you more about its features for clarity.

What Is in the Weber Pizza Oven Package?

The kit met my expectations as I found there the things that I want to see in the package. They include a 14-inch pro pan, handles made of wood with stainless hardware, a high-temperature thermometer and a laser machined stainless steel riser sleeve.

Assembling these parts was very easy for me and took only a few minutes to set up. The manual states that you can use charcoal or hardwood to get that same great flavor on your sizzling hot pizza. However, I prefer to use charcoal. I feel the taste is unmatched and should not be compared with anything. I recommend you try using the charcoal oven when you want to make pepperoni pizza. You will never want to use anything else. Trust me.

I was highly impressed with the fact that I did not have to keep opening and closing the grill to check for doneness. The appropriate temperature will be spread across all the oven and grill areas, distributing the right amount of heat needed to cook the pizza. If I needed to check for doneness, all I had to do was to slide it out and back through the front opening. I am just really impressed with this product and cannot get enough of it. I read the feedback where people complained about the high price. In comparison with other brands in the market that offer the same products, the price is fair as the quality of the oven is the best.

Opening and closing an oven constantly, to check on pizza can damage the right temperature that it requires to be well cooked. This method is well spread for ovens of different brands. However, it is not good for cooking. The main reason is that it makes the process more dangerous and pizza not so good.

I always enjoy pizza making when I relax with my friends or go for a picnic with relatives. Thanks to the perfect equipment, they praise my pizza and cannot stop eating it. I really should consider turning it into a business.

I have nieces who always ask me to teach them how to cook something. Well, I have used my kettle grill pizza oven to teach them different pizza recipes. I allowed them to use it sometimes, under my supervision. To tell the truth, I am calm that they are protected while cooking because this pizza maker is very safe.

Features and Design of Kettlepizza Ovens

It is made with 304-grade stainless steel. The design of the oven was made to have no doors, just like most other modern ovens to allow heat to be evenly distributed around. If I need to check up on my pizza, all I should do is to slide my dough in and out.

Besides, the handles are made of wood. It makes it easy to carry around and prevents any sort of burn on your hands. The product is not so heavy, that is why you can move it from one location to another with ease. I organize many local hangouts and pizza is the main dish in every event.

Weber Pizza Oven Kit Specifications

Product DimensionsItem WeightShipping WeightManufacturer
22.5 x 22.5 x 7 inches6.95 pounds6.95 poundsKettlepizza, LLC

The kit weighs 6.95 pounds and has a product dimension of 22.5 x 22.5 x 7 inches. My pizza oven kit for weber was made to work on both 18.5 and 22.5-inch charcoal grills.

This product allows you to make use of charcoal or firewood, to get that unique woody flavor. However, this method burns a lot of fuel, and I had to spend 7.5lbs of charcoal, to make six pizzas. Despite that, I will still go with it at any time because I feel that when you use gas, electricity, or briquettes, it just ruins the taste completely.

Since charcoal and hardwood are the ideal things needed to power the oven, the product can maintain a stable temperature of around 750 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest temperature that it can go is up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Instructions on Using the Kettlepizza Ovens

I have earlier mentioned that my cooking experience with the product was simply great. Even though it is called a grilling grate, this does not mean it should go into the grill. On the contrary, it is supposed to go inside the kettle pizza. Also, a charcoal or hardwood-based grill requires that you manually add one or more if you need to increase the temperature of the device. You also need to measure how long a temperature would last before you add more charcoal or wood. I have a charcoal sack, where all my coals are stored. Therefore, if you know that you aim to get that perfect Neapolitan taste that can only be gotten from charcoal or wood-based ovens, then you need to properly monitor what you are making. Getting the right temperature is the main option for the success of your pizza. I have used pizza ovens long enough to know that I need to coat my dough with enough flour to prevent it from sticking to the pizza peel.

KettlePizza Basic 22.5 - Pizza Oven Kit for 22.5 Inch Kettle Grills. Made in USA
457 Reviews
KettlePizza Basic 22.5 - Pizza Oven Kit for 22.5 Inch Kettle Grills. Made in USA
  • Transforms 22.5" kettle grills like Weber One Touch Gold or Silver into a pizza oven.
  • Heat remains stable because lid does not need to be removed to access food.
  • Made of 20 gauge, 304 grade stainless steel. Made in USA.

Pros and Cons for Pizza Oven Kit for Weber

  • The oven can bake the pizza that is on a pan or skillet.
  • The wooden handle allows turning the pizza.
  • Beautiful design is appealing to the eye.
  • Heat is contained and distributed across all areas. You do not have to open the grill to check up the temperature and doneness.
  • Can be easily assembled.
  • Durable as made of stainless steel.
  • It is expensive but worth the price.
  • It may take some time to be fully acquainted with the product, especially if you have never used one before.

The Final Words about Pizza Oven Kit

Getting the pizza oven kit was the best thing that happened to me since I returned from Italy. Pizza is a national food of the Italians, so, I picked up as many recipes as I could manage and prepared the ones that I understood. I have used my pizza maker to prepare a pizza Margherita, Prosciutto, Napolitano, etc. These are just a few of them, and they turned out great.

The perfect thing about this device is that it evenly distributes enough heat to cook all sides of the pizza, simultaneously. This is a better option than the traditional ones that are based on opening the door to check the doneness. This way, the required amount of heat is distorted, and, as a result, you get an underdone pizza that will disappoint you.

Do not worry if you try to use this for the first time, and get the wrong texture or poor results. Just try again. Usually, people who have used this once and got a bad result all stated that on their second try, it was much better.

It is fun if you have kids that want to learn how to cook. With this oven, the process will bring pleasure to both of you. Just ensure that they do not touch the areas that can be hot. Did I mention that this product is very durable and can last for a very long time due to the material?

With this review, do you think you would purchase the pizza kettle grill oven kit? What are your favorite peculiarities of pizza ovens? What type of pizza do you like the most? Do you like such a way of cooking? Comment below.

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