Best Cutting Boards for Meat: The Best Board Models for Raw and Cooked Meat

If you think that all boards are more or less equal and can be used for all types of products with the same result – I am afraid the world is slightly different. Each board material has its unique features that can be either beneficial or detrimental for cooking meat and other products. Moreover, meat cutting boards that are good for cooked meat can not suite the raw meat, and vice versa. For you to find the best cutting board for meat, it is essential to take into account the size of the plank, its material and features, as well as its quality and required treatment. To help you define what kind of cutting board is best for meat cooking and chopping on your kitchen, I have written a detailed review of the best models I have worked with, underlining their strengths and weaknesses.

What Kind of Cutting Board Is the Best for Meat

With the variety of cutting board materials, it is tough to define an optimal choice for meat cutting and cooking. Based on my experience, I recommend focusing on 3 types of cutting surface materials: wood, plastic, and bamboo. These boards are the most durable and solid, prepared for carving and butcher knives, easy to reverse, and transport. If you are looking for large cutting boards for meat, these materials are an excellent choice for thick, heavy models.

Choosing the best meat chopping board, you have to take into account the differences between working with raw and cooked meat. In this case, I recommend you to invest in two separate cutting planks. It is better to choose bamboo or plastic cutting surface to work with raw meat because it is less porous. Thus it is useful to work with raw, juicy meat that disburses a lot of liquid that can produce many bacteria. Using these planks when working with raw meat is recommended by the Food and Drug Administration.

Wooden cutting boards are a perfect match for cooked meat because they are resistant to high temperatures and can also be used for serving the dish when it’s ready.

Top 7 Best Cutting Boards for Meat: Choosing Your Perfect Item

Choosing the best cutting board for meat requires thorough observation of different models and their features to be sure it will meet all your individual requirements, have a useful design that will look perfect at your kitchen. I have collected the most popular boards that I have used myself and was satisfied with their quality and design.

Serville Classics Easy-To-Clean Bamboo Cutting Board: Multifunctional Steak Cutting Board

This board perfectly combines the key advantages of bamboo and plastic boards. The model was developed by Seville Classics – a skilled manufacturer of home accessories that combines decent quality and appropriate prices in all its products. It has a set of polypropylene cutting mats that allow using a separate cutting surface for each type of product. It helps to keep your knives sharp while working with softer plastic material and using the bamboo surface just when you need it. This is a set of cutting planks in a single item – a great kitchen gear for those who require several boards and want to save money.

The board goes with a set of 7 cutting mats for each product type with useful marks printed in the corner of each mat. Moreover, all of them have a different color that makes it easy to find the required surface. This item is a perfect chicken cutting board and steak cutting board because you can use separate cutting mats for these products.

This board is super friendly to your knives, protecting them from getting dull, as both plastic and bamboo are much softer than hardwood surfaces. It also protects the cutting surface from the cross-contamination of products while cooking and serving.

  • Exceptionally useful model thanks to the set of color-marked propylene cutting mats;
  • Affordable price;
  • Knife-friendly material.
  • It has only one cutting side, as the other is used to store mats;
  • You have to wash it manually.

BPA-free plastic is easy to clean by hands or in a dishwasher. However, the bamboo model has to be washed by hands only. The set of mats is stored in a built-in storage area on the opposite side of the board. It has to be kept on a dry surface to protect the bamboo from the extra liquid.

This cutting surface is a perfect offer for such price: it costs less than $30 and includes the board and a set of 7 plastic cutting mats.

OXO Good Grips Carving and Cutting Board: Great Steak Cutting Board

This awesome cutting gear was made by OXO – an experienced manufacturer of kitchen utensils, house cleaning gear, cutlery, and office commodities. A well-thought design helps people receive the best experience and protects your health while cooking, cleaning, and organizing your working and living space.

There are two main things I like the most about this board:

  • it is as simple as possible;
  • it minimizes the cooking mess.

Its surface is made of hard plastic composite and has a plain design suitable for any kitchen, and many reviews name this item as the best cutting board for raw meat and steaks. It has two cutting sides to help you prevent cross-contamination of your products, with one cutting size having a drip-catcher covering the whole perimeter, collecting all extra liquid. It is super easy to pour away all liquid to the sink, keeping your cooking surface dry and clean.

The item is made of high-quality meat cutting board plastic, and it is quite thick – 0.8 inches. The board size allows you to cut any amount of meat securely: it is 20.9 inches long and 14.5 inches wide, so you can be sure that no extra liquid or pieces will get to other surfaces. The non-porous boards’ material protects your products from bacteria and odors and makes the item super durable.

The board has useful and easily-cleaning liquid-catcher and non-slip feet to keep the device stable even during intensive cooking. The softly tapered board edges make it easy to turn, lift, carry, and clean the surface. You can use this steak cutting board to chop and serve the cooked meat, and it is dishwasher-safe.

  • Unique size suitable for the biggest steaks;
  • Reversible cutting surface prevents products/ cross-contamination;
  • Built-in liquid-catcher;
  • Non-slip feet;
  • Soft-tapered edges;
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • It gets scratched by knives;
  • Might not suit in all dishwashers – you have to check this aspect first.

The board is straightforward to sanitize: just use a clean cloth and sanitize the board with a special spray or lemon juice. The non-porous material protects the board from bacteria and any extra liquid. To clean the surface, you can use warm water with soap and just wash it in the sink or put the item in the dishwasher. Keep it in a dry place distanced from an open fire or extra-heating zones.

The board costs under $30 – a pretty good price for such size. Taking into account the top quality material, this is an excellent offer.

Joseph Joseph Cut & Carve Multi-Function Cutting Board: Durable and Stylish Steak Cutting Board

Joseph Joseph is one of the leaders in producing top quality kitchen gear that has started with a chopping board developed by Anthony and Richard Joseph that resulted in developing over 1000 products in 100 countries by 2003. This British brand has received numerous awards and certificates, including two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. Their meat cutting surfaces are present on both private and public kitchens in Europe and the US.

If you are looking for the best butcher block cutting board that will be both functional and stylish, I highly recommend you to pay attention to Joseph Joseph Cut and Carve Multifunction cutting surface. This board model has it all for a useful and quick meat cutting process. The board is perfect for both raw and cooked meat, having a poreless surface that is resistant to high temperatures. With one side having special spikes that hold meat still while you make perfect slices, the other is smooth for usual cutting. The spiked side has an angled design that allows you to collect all meat juices inside the board securely while carving, keeping your cooking surface clean and dry.

The board is made of plastic that is quite friendly to your knives, keeping them sharp for a longer time. Soft-grips sided design allows you to reverse, move, and clean the board easily. Non-slip feet of the board help you to cut the meat effortlessly, keeping the board stable. Its size allows us to work with any size of meatloaves: it is 14.5 inches long and 11.5 inches wide. The thickness of the board is 1 inch. It is resistant to heat and liquid; however, it is better to store it in a dry, ventilated place to keep the item in the best condition. The board is dishwasher-friendly, and you can also wash it by hand.

  • Reversible design;
  • Spiked side for holding meat while carving;
  • Angled surface that collects extra liquid;
  • Dishwasher-friendly.
  • You have to get used to angled and spiked design;
  • Knives might leave cuts on the surface.

This model is dishwasher friendly, so you can put it in the dishwasher with other cutlery, although it is recommended to wash it by hands – a more gentle treatment will help your cutting gear to serve you much longer.

The price is really attractive: it costs about $20-30, which is a great offer for the board of such quality. It is as well important to take into account its well-thought design and the quality of the material.

John Boos Maple Wood BBQ Cutting Board with Juice Groove: Classic Steak Cutting Board

Founded in 1887, John Boos & Co. is one of the oldest US-based companies specializing in residential and commercial kitchen gear and accessories. The company gained its reputation for the outstanding wooden cutting boards that meat butchers used on meat markets in Illinois. Today, John Boos cutting boards are recognized for their useful design and durability. The John Boos Reversible Maple Wood cutting plank is one of the most popular models of the brand. The cutting plank is made from durable maple wood and features a reversible design that allows for left- or right-handed use. The cutting plank also has a juice groove on one side to catch drips and prevent messes. Thanks to its quality construction and versatile design, the John Boos Reversible Maple Wood cutting plank is a kitchen essential for any home cook or professional chef.

Having two cutting sides, this board is equipped with the integrated juice groove that makes it perfect for slicing, carving, and cutting raw meat. At the same time, wood is a perfect material for serving the cooked meat as it won’t overheat or deform. When working with raw meat on a wooden cutting board, you’ll get accurate results in both private and professional kitchens.

This board is made of Northern Hard Rock Maple Wood, which is considered to be one of the best long-lasting cutting surfaces. The board has built-in handgrips on both sides to lift, reverse, and clean it easily. The juice groove side is perfect for meat or veggies, while the second plain side can be used for bread slicing.

As all wood cutting surfaces, this item requires special treatment: washing manually, regular oiling, and creaming, but it will serve you for decades being made of strong and durable material. This is one of the best antimicrobial cutting boards, as this type of wood contains special enzymes that destroy all bacteria, keeping your products safe.

  • Durable material;
  • Built-in juice groove;
  • Useful handgrips;
  • 1-year guarantee.
  • Requires special treatment;
  • It can’t be put in a dishwasher.

This board has to be washed manually, but it is quite easy to clean it in warm water with soap. It is important to dry it after washing with a towel or leave the utensil on a dry surface if the liquid isn’t collected under it. To prevent cracks, you have to oil and cream the board as often as you can when it is new, and every week or month after the first year, depending on how often you use it.

The board costs about $70-80, which is a good price for such a solid model made of a qualitative type of wood.

Heim Concept Organic Bamboo Cutting Board: Extra Large Chopping Board for Meat

Heim Concept is a US-based producer of bamboo and stainless steel kitchen accessories that effectively combines pro-level quality and affordable prices. Organic Bamboo Cutting Board from Heim Concept is a perfect kitchen gear for those seeking durable, safe, and stylish models at a great price.

This board is made of 100% organic bamboo that is known for its natural anti-microbial protection. This cutting surface is super large, so you can use it for chopping any size of meatloaves. The board is free of BPA or any toxins, pesticides, lacquers, or formaldehyde; it is perfect for allergic people, the ones with a sensitive stomach, and children.

The board is 18 inches long and 12 inches wide: more than enough for the biggest steaks. It is a super knife friendly and is stronger than maple wood boards. The board can also be used for serving cooked meat, cheese, or any other products.

The most popular question about this type of board is: “Are bamboo cutting boards safe?” I can say that these models are the safest, as they are made of 100% ecological material. Moreover, they are free from lacquers, pesticides, stains, sealants, and baboo has perfect anti-microbial protection. It is much easier to clean compared to wooden cutting planks and can be stored almost anywhere in your kitchen.

  • Extra-large surface;
  • Easy to clean;
  • 100% organic;
  • More durable and strong compared to maple wood options.
  • Doesn’t have non-slip surfaces;
  • Not a dishwasher friendly material.

This board is super easy to clean with soap and water, no need to scratch the surface intensively or quickly dry it up – just put it on the dry towel. It is thicker and stronger than maple wood, but it is not recommended to put it in a dishwasher.

Taking into account its size and durability, the price of the board is excellent: it costs less than $20.

Commercial Plastic Black Cutting Board: Pro-Level Steak Cutting Board

This stylish and extra-durable board is made by Thirteen Chefs – a company that specifies in producing cooking gear that is widely recognized by professional and amateur cooks. Their products are made as durable as possible for the most demanding cooking conditions with a minimal carbon footprint. Commercial Black Colored Cut and Carve Plastic Board is a perfect gear for intensive cooking that will last as long as you need. It is knife-friendly and easy to clean.

This cutting surface is made of BPA free high-density polypropylene (HDPP) material and has a non-slip textured surface. It is a perfect bbq cutting board, with extra-large working space: 20 inches in length and 15 inches in width. It has an NSF certification and an FDA approval for food contact. The HDPP has protection from cuts, bacteria, and odors, making this plank safe for cooking and easy to clean. This model is reversible and has two cutting sides, while black color effectively hides all stains and discolorations of the board. The board is dishwasher-safe and has to be kept away from the fire.

  • Stylish color and design;
  • HDPP material – extra strong and durable;
  • Extra-large surface;
  • Dishwasher-friendly.
  • Might not fit all dishwashers;
  • The knives might leave scratches on the surface.

The board can be washed by hands or in a dishwasher – it has protection from odors and bacteria, so it is quite easy to clean it up with soap and water. It can dry quickly in the fresh air.
It costs around $20-30, which is an affordable offer for the pro-level board of such size.

GORILLA GRIP Original Oversized Cutting Board: The Most Affordable Meat Chopping Board

Gorilla Grip Original Extra Large Cutting Board is produced by one of the biggest online sellers of highly durable household and pet products. This cutting surface is a perfect gear for safe, mess-free meat cutting and serving, combining colorful and ergonomic design with pleasant quality and price.

The board is made of BPA-free, non-porous plastic that is resistant to any cracks or peels. It is equipped with meat cutting boards juice grooves and the TRP border to keep it securely fixed on any countertops. It is one of the best carving boards for meat for the appealing price, having an extra-large cutting, knife-friendly surface. It features protection from bacteria and odors and can be washed in a dishwasher. The item is easy to reverse, lift, carry and clean the board thanks to its easy-grip handles. Moreover, the product has a special handle that allows you to store it on the wall, near the sink, or anywhere in the kitchen.

  • Non-porous, BPA-free material;
  • Extra-large cutting surface;
  • Non-slip rubber elements;
  • Useful handle;
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • Knives might leave marks in its surface;
  • It might not suit all dishwashers.

This board is resistant to liquid, odors, and bacteria. Therefore, I recommend using a bit of lemon juice and water to sanitize it. It can be washed in a dishwasher or by hands, using soap and warm water. However, thanks to its size, the board might not fit all dishwashers.

Talking about the price, this board is an absolute winner – it costs under $20, which is a great price for a large and durable cutting gear.

Choosing the Best Cutting Board for Meat

While making your final decision, it is important to take into account the type of meat you will work with, the size of the board you need, its design, additional features, and the budget. In case you are hesitating between wood or plastic cutting board for meat, I recommend you choose plastic as this material is a perfect option for the best cutting board for raw meat. It won’t absorb any liquid and is more resistant to odors and bacteria. It is also easier to clean it and choose the design that will suit your kitchen. Do you prefer a wooden model for meat? Please, share your arguments in the comments – I would like to discuss the features you value the most in your cutting boards!

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