Best Pizza in Mammoth Lakes (Updated Fall 2023)

Having been to pizza places all over the world, I’m ready to give you my honest opinion about who makes the best pizza in Mammoth Lakes. I’ve sampled seven different pizzerias in this quaint mountain town and am happy to share my findings with you.

My reviews are always humorous and light-hearted because let’s face it — there’s nothing more fun than a good slice of pie! So come along with me on an epic pizza journey as I declare which pizzeria in Mammoth Lakes reigns supreme.

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#1 best pizza place in Mammoth Lakes - Nik-N-Willie's Pizza-n-Subs

#1 Nik-N-Willie’s Pizza-n-Subs

Open Hours
Monday: 11:30AM-9PM
Tuesday: 11:30AM-9PM
Wednesday: 11:30AM-9PM
Thursday: 11:30AM-9PM
Friday: 11:30AM-9PM
Saturday: 11:30AM-9PM
Sunday: 11:30AM-9PM

  • Nice tourist spot
  • Has a kid’s menu
  • Serves alcohol

My experience at Nik-N-Willie’s was nothing short of excellent. From the moment I stepped foot in the restaurant, I knew that I had to try their signature dish. The cheesy aroma wafting through the air was enough to make my taste buds tingle with anticipation.

The pizza itself was truly something special. The crust was thin and crispy, yet delightfully chewy. It had just the right amount of crunch, and made a delightful contrast with the soft and savory toppings. Speaking of toppings, they were definitely fresh and flavorful! You could tell from all the juicy pieces of sausage and pepperoni that house-made ingredients are used for this pizza – no doubt about it!

When it comes to service at Nik-N-Willie’s Pizza-n-Subs, let me just say that it is first rate. The waitstaff were incredibly friendly and helpful throughout my meal – no question went unanswered! They even put up with my constant requests for extra napkins (I like to keep things neat).

All in all, there is no question in my mind that Nik-N-Willie’s Pizza-n-Subs serves up some of the best pizza in Mammoth. Whether you’re visiting or local, it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for an amazing pizza experience!

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#2 best pizza place in Mammoth Lakes - Mammoth Pizza Co & Slice Bar

#2 Mammoth Pizza Co & Slice Bar

Open Hours
Monday: 3-9PM
Tuesday: 3-9PM
Wednesday: 11AM-9PM
Thursday: 11AM-9PM
Friday: 11AM-12AM
Saturday: 11AM-12AM
Sunday: 11AM-9PM

  • Serves alcohol
  • Nice tourist spot

  • No delivery

When I walked in, the atmosphere was great. The place had a cool vibe and there were plenty of people inside enjoying their food and drinks. The menu had a variety of pizzas, pastas and sandwiches to choose from, as well as beer and wine – so this is definitely a great spot for both tourists and locals alike.

The pizza was delicious! It’s not often that you find a pizza joint where the crust is cooked to perfection but Mammoth Pizza Co & Slice Bar nailed it! The ingredients were fresh and flavorful, with the perfect blend of spices. Plus, they have some creative topping combinations that you won’t find anywhere else!

My only complaint about Mammoth Pizza Co & Slice Bar is that they don’t offer delivery. However, if you’re looking for some of the best pizza in Mammoth then it’s worth a visit!

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#3 best pizza place in Mammoth Lakes - Giovanni's Pizzeria

#3 Giovanni’s Pizzeria

Open Hours
Monday: 11AM-2PM,5-9PM
Tuesday: 11AM-2PM,5-9PM
Wednesday: 11AM-2PM,5-9PM
Thursday: 11AM-2PM,5-9PM
Friday: 11AM-2PM,5-9PM
Saturday: 11AM-2PM,5-9PM
Sunday: 11AM-2PM,5-9PM

  • Has a kid’s menu
  • Has some vegetarian options
  • Serves alcohol (and hard liquor!)
  • Nice tourist spot
  • Offers dessert

The first thing that caught my eye when walking into the restaurant was the huge woodfired pizza oven. This is a sure-fire sign of great pizza! The smells emanating from it were heavenly, as if I had been transported to Italy.

I ordered the classic Pepperoni Pizza, and boy was it delicious! The perfectly cooked pepperoni offered just the right amount of spice, while a thin crust and robust tomato sauce complete the perfect pizza experience. To top it off, they used high-quality cheese with just the right amount of meltiness that made each bite even more enjoyable.

One thing to note is that Giovanni’s doesn’t offer a huge menu or crazy toppings. But in this case, simplicity is key and their focus on perfecting their classic pizzas really shines through.

In conclusion, Giovanni’s Pizzeria has some of the best pizza in Mammoth and I highly recommend it for any pizza connoisseur!

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#4 best pizza place in Mammoth Lakes - Johns Pizza Works

#4 Johns Pizza Works

Open Hours
Monday: 4-10:30PM
Tuesday: 4-10:30PM
Wednesday: 4-10:30PM
Thursday: 11:30AM-10:30PM
Friday: 11:30AM-10:30PM
Saturday: 11:30AM-10:30PM
Sunday: 10AM-10:30PM

  • Has a kid’s menu
  • Nice tourist spot
  • Serves alcohol (and hard liquor!)
  • Offers dessert
  • Great place to watch sports

From the moment I stepped through the door of this pizza restaurant, there was a special feeling in the atmosphere. The decorations were unique and full of character, and the staff was friendly and welcoming.

The highlight, however, was undoubtedly their amazing pizza! After one bite, I couldn’t help but exclaim “This is THE best pizza in Mammoth!” The crust was perfectly cooked with a delicious crunchy texture. On top of that, they used high-quality ingredients that tasted like they had just been picked straight from the farm!

In addition to their signature pies, Johns Pizza Works offers an array of specialty pizzas to please any palette. My personal favorite is their Hawaiian Delight Pizza, made with freshly cut pineapple and topped with a delicate blend of spices.

No matter what your individual taste may be, you can’t go wrong with Johns Pizza Works – they truly have some of the best slices around!

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#5 best pizza place in Mammoth Lakes - Domino's Pizza

#5 Domino’s Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 10:30AM-12AM
Tuesday: 10:30AM-12AM
Wednesday: 10:30AM-12AM
Thursday: 10:30AM-12AM
Friday: 10:30AM-1AM
Saturday: 10:30AM-1AM
Sunday: 10:30AM-12AM

I’ve had my fair share of pizza in Italy and New York, so it took me by surprise that Domino’s could provide a pizza worthy of comparison. After several visits to the restaurant, I’m happy to say that Domino’s stands up to the competition!

The crust is cooked perfectly. It’s crispy and flavorful on the outside while still soft and chewy on the inside. The sauce is well-balanced with just the right amount of sweetness and spice, and it pairs nicely with a variety of toppings. Plus, they offer some great specialty pizzas that make use of creative ingredients.

It’s clear why Domino’s keeps customers coming back for more – they serve some of the best pizza in Mammoth!

#6 best pizza place in Mammoth Lakes - Bear Creek Pizza

#6 Bear Creek Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 11AM-8PM
Tuesday: 11AM-8PM
Wednesday: 11AM-8PM
Thursday: 11AM-8PM
Friday: 11AM-10PM
Saturday: 11AM-10PM
Sunday: 11AM-8PM

  • Nice tourist spot

I stopped by during lunchtime and the delicious smell wafting from the kitchen drew me right in. Once I entered, I was immediately taken aback by how friendly the staff were, they made me feel like part of the family.

The menu was vast and varied, offering all sorts of traditional and creative pizzas. But it’s their “Best Pizza in Mammoth” you must try! It’s simple and just as delicious as any pizza I’ve had on my travels. The crust is cooked to perfection—thin, crunchy, with a perfect balance of flavor—and it’s topped with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese that melted in my mouth.

All this makes for an unforgettable experience, one that will make you want to keep coming back for more. Even though I’m a world traveler and can’t always come back to Mammoth when I’m around these parts it’s worth going out-of-my-way for Bear Creek Pizza’s famous ‘Best Pizza in Mammoth’.

#7 best pizza place in Mammoth Lakes - Broadway Marketplace

#7 Broadway Marketplace

Open Hours
Monday: 7AM-1PM
Tuesday: 7AM-1PM
Wednesday: 7AM-1PM
Thursday: 7AM-1PM
Friday: 7AM-1PM
Saturday: 7AM-1PM
Sunday: 7AM-2PM

  • No delivery

During my visit, it was bustling with people and I couldn’t help but feel at home. The service was also top notch – everyone was friendly and helpful in making sure that my experience was the best it could be.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is warm and inviting, with plenty of seating for groups large and small. The menu is vast and varied, boasting all sorts of different pizza pies from vegetarian to traditional New York style pies. Every bite is blissful – you can taste the care that goes into making each one unique and delicious.

And let’s not forget about the toppings! The selection is truly something to behold – from classic pepperoni to ethiopian gluten-free crusts, there’s something for even the pickiest eaters here. Plus, you can customize your own pie too if you don’t find what you’re looking for on their menu!

All in all, Broadway Marketplace offers some of the best pizza in Mammoth – hands down! My only disappointment? There’s no delivery option available yet – hopefully that will change soon so I don’t have to haul back to Mammoth every time I need a fix.

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