How Many Inches Is a Large Pizza: Guide on Pizza Sizes

It is time to admit that when it comes to pizza, the size really does matter. More and more of my subscribers ask how many inches is a large pizza. Of course, we all want it to be never-ending or at least three blocks long. I am not sure that I could be satisfied with a pizza that is less than 10 inches. And yet, some grumpy individuals with a diet as their main religion claim that 10 inches of pizza would be enough for 4-5 people. I beg you not to trust such people and explore different sizes of pizza together with me.

Standard Sizes of Pizza

There are tons of hilarious videos on YouTube with scientists trying to use formulas to calculate the size of a perfect pizza slice. I adhere to a simpler way and prefer a standard large pizza size to be measured by the level of my hunger. However, you may need to have exact numbers in case you are organizing a party. You might have already decided on buying “large” pizza, but which one is it exactly?

Of course, the numbers I am going to name here are not strict. Many stores, restaurants, and pizzerias have their own unique sizes for pizza. The size of the dish also depends on the country. Yet, for people who are still wondering how big is a large pizza, here are the most common sizes:

  • A small pizza starts from 10 inches. You can cut it into 6 equal slices and divide it among 2-3 people. I usually bake such pizza whenever I am home alone;
  • A medium-sized pizza is normally 12 inches or somewhat near this length. You may cut it into 8 parts and divide the slices among 3-4 people;
  • A large pizza is one that has at least 16 inches in length and can be cut into 10 slices. You may feed up to 5 people with it if it is not your main and only course of the day.

Legendary extra-large pizza

If you are not satisfied with a large pizza, don’t worry. You can order an extra-large one. It is usually more than 16 inches in length and can reach 28 inches in some pizzerias. It is also known as a giant pizza. You can easily cut it into 14 slices if you aren’t generous enough. The generous host can cut it into 12 pieces. You can invite 6-7 people to enjoy it together.

32 inch pizza

If you bake a pizza on your own, there’s no need to limit yourself to anything except the size of the oven. My biggest pizza was 26 inches because I was limited with my pizza stone and the oven. Yet, nobody has said that pizza can’t be gathered from many small ones. Be inspired by the biggest pizza in the world. Maybe, you will even beat the record of 26883 pounds of the largest pizza of 122 feet and 8 inches in diameter.

Equally Important and Yet Uncovered Questions on Pizza

Big Pizza at man hands

I hope you are already excited about the possibility to create the biggest pizza in the world. Don’t forget to invite me, though. Now I want to answer the most popular questions about the pizza’ sizes I’ve found on the Internet.

How big is a large pizza?

As I have already noticed, a large pizza is usually called one that has 16 inches in diameter. The extra-large one can be baked in 28 inches. Some pizzerias provide even bigger sizes for exclusive orders. The length of a large pizza may be enough to feed 5-6 people. It really depends on the weight and toppings you put on it.

How big is an extra-large pizza?

An extra-large pizza can be up to 28 inches on average. You may still order even a bigger pizza from developers. Yet, there might be problems with its baking and delivery. I don’t recommend you go for a gigantic pizza. It is not simple to carry around, and you are limited to a single flavor. Instead, I advise you to order several pizzas if you have a party. If you don’t know which one to buy, use a pizza calculator online.

Which size pizza should I get for a small group of people?

Try a large pizza if you have less than 5 people and serve pizza as your main dish. If you invite more guests, you may order several pizzas; this way, you don’t have to decrease slices. Order 3-4 large pizzas for a group of 20 people or bake homemade pizza with everything you want there.

The Right Size of Pizza

There is no stated right size of pizza for everyone. I can’t bake one size of pizza all the time. It depends on many factors, including my appetite, the toppings I add to pizza, and the people I invite to share it with me. If you face the same situation, I recommend calculating the number of guests and thinking about the type of pizza you want to share with them. Remember how many slices you usually eat. If you have a big party and not much time to bake pizzas, I recommend you go with frozen products.

Which pizza do you like the most? Which size of pizza can you eat by yourself? Share the stories about your pizza parties in the comments below.

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