How Many Slices Are in a 14-inch Pizza?

How Many Slices Are in a 14-inch Pizza?

It’s a question that has plagued pizza lovers for years – how many slices are in a 14-inch pizza? Perhaps you want to order a pizza, but you’re not sure how much to get. Maybe you’re planning a pizza party and need to know how many pizzas to buy. Whatever the reason,  this post is here to help.

In this blog post, I will discuss the different ways to slice a 14-inch pizza and how many pieces that will yield.  I will also talk about how the size of the slices can affect the number of pieces you get. Read on to learn everything you need to know about slicing a 14-inch pizza!

How Many Slices Are in a 14-inch Pizza

A 14-inch pizza comes with 10 slices with a total surface area that approximately goes around 153.86 inches. Each slice occupies about 15 square inches. If you are familiar with high school mathematics, you’ll be able to deduce the measurements of a 14- inch Pizza and get the circular dimensions. So here we go, the circumference, radius, and area of a 14- inch pizza are as follows:

  • The circumference of a 14-inch pizza is about 44 inches (14×3.14)
  • The radius  is 7 inches (14/2).
  • The surface area is around 154 square inches (3.14 x 7×7).

A 14-inch Pizza can also be sliced to give 8 or 9 slices depending on the type of slice you want. While most 14- inch pizzas come with mostly 10 slices, you can cut your pizza into your desired pieces if you order an uncut pizza.

If you cut it into traditional triangular slices, you can get up to 8 to 10 slices. Here is the calculation, a 14-inch pie will yield:

  • 8 slices: if it is sliced into two with each half sliced into four equal parts.
  • 9 slices: if it is sliced into three with each third sliced into three equal slices.
  • 10 Slices: If it is sliced into two with each half sliced into five equal parts.

Now that we’ve got our math out of the way, let’s talk about what this means for your standard Pizza order! If you order from a restaurant or a pizza delivery service, they’ll certainly tell you how many slices there are on your 14-inch pie.

Some pizzerias have their pizzas in 10 slices, while some others have theirs in 8 slices. That’s why it’s important to know how many slices are in your favorite size before you order it online or make an appointment with your local pizzeria.

Is a 14-Inch Pizza the Largest Pizza?

The 14-inch pizza is definitely not the largest pizza. It has a diameter of approximately 14 inches which in centimeters is about 36cm. A standard 14-inch pizza with 154 square inches of surface area has these dimensions:

Length = 14 inches
Thickness = 14 inches
Width = 0.5- 0.7 inches

There are large pizzas that are way bigger than the 14-inch pizza. They are usually more than 14 inches in length and can reach 32 inches in some pizzerias. They are popularly called giant pizzas because you can get more slices from a single pie. Even now, one of the largest pizzas, (popularly called “Giant Sicilian” by Mama and Papa Pizzeria at Los Angeles) is 54 inches long.

If you bake homemade pizzas, you can as well bake your desired size if you have a large and efficient oven alongside a quality pizza stone.

How Many People will a 14-inch Pizza Feed at a Party?

The pizzas you’ll need to feed your party will depend on the number of people coming around and how many other menu items you’re serving. If you decide to serve only pizza for your party, then you might want to calculate to get the perfect slices that will satisfy your guests.

To decide how many pizzas to serve at your next gathering, figure out these factors:

  • What are the numbers of people coming around?
  • Who will be at my occasion and how hungry will they be?
  • Are kids coming also?

If you plan to give each person two slices, you can multiply the number of guests you are expecting by two. Since a 14-inch pizza has 10 slices you can divide your result by 10.

For example, if you are expecting to see 50 people coming to your party.

Multiply 50 by 2 to get 100 slices of pizza.

Divide 100 slices by 10 (the number of slices in a 14-inch pizza). The result will be 10. Hence, for 50 persons you will need 10 packs of  14-inch pizzas.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – a 14-inch pizza is made up of 10 slices. Of course, this will vary depending on the different pizzeria, but this is a pretty standard size for takeout or delivery. Finally, you can stop arguing with your friends or loved ones about the number of slices in a 14-inch pizza. And, if anyone ever tries to pull a fast one on you and cuts off four small slices, you’ll know better!

Most importantly, before placing your order, call and confirm the number of slices per size for your pizzas. You can also call to request your pizza to be cut into more or fewer slices.

Do you think you can finish ten slices of a  14-inch pizza all by yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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