How to Cook Frozen Pizza: Detailed Guidance

This type of food is easy to find in almost all supermarkets or grocery stores. Unlike the already baked product from some posh restaurants, a frozen pizza is inexpensive, and you don’t have to wait for too much to make it ready. How to cook frozen pizza? There are numerous recipes you may find on the Internet. I also want to share with you my own ideas which I believe can turn any frozen baking into a delicacy you have not tried before. And the best part about cooking frozen pizza with these recommendations is that you don’t even have to be a chef to make it splendid.

You can cook your pizza without using extra ingredients and waiting for a long time. You need to have the oven, though. Usually, the developer places frozen pizza instructions on the box. You can follow them. If you have a pizza stone, you may use it to receive a crispier crust. Some pizzas require only microwave use. If you want to go even further you can create a homemade pizza from scratch!

Cooking Frozen Pizza at Home: Instructions

I still believe that the best way to cook frozen pizza is in the oven, using a pizza stone. I don’t mind cooking it on the open fire, which I have done numerous times. Still, the weather and the lack of time can be well-known killjoys. I advise you to read the instructions on the box and heat the pizza at the exact time that was recommended on it.

1. Defrost your pizza

Defrost pizza

Before you cook pizza in the oven, I recommend you defrost it for 1 or even 2 hours, based on how frozen it is. It has to be of room temperature or slightly less, in case you don’t want to bake it with all the melting water. Keep in mind that frozen pizza in the oven will become a chewy mess if you are too rapid. The upper layer, which is still covered with thin ice or frost, will simply melt and turn into the water. Then this water soaks into the lower layers, damaging the topping. Therefore, if you intend to cook pizza after you return home from the store, don’t put it inside the freezer.

2. Remove pizza from paper box

Pizza from paper box

You have to take the pizza out of the box after you get it from the fridge. Don’t rush to avoid ruining the topping. Gently open the box following the instructions on it. Use a scapula to remove it. If there is no tool nearby, you can use your hand. Before you pull the pizza out, make sure that it is turned properly, with its toppings not upside down. Get rid of the plastic wrap too. Use the scissors if you need them; just make sure you don’t damage pizza.

3. Add olive oil

Olive oil

If you want to intensify the flavor, you may lightly brush the crust with olive oil. It will also make it crunchier. Use the basting brush. Slightly dip it into the oil and stroke the edges with it. The oil will be quickly absorbed by the crust inside the heated oven and even in the microwave. It will also brown the cheese near the crust. If you want more spices, use garlic powder or Italian mix. You may also add more cheese on top of the pizza.

4. Preheat the oven

Preheat an Oven

Before you put the pizza inside the oven, you have to preheat it. Usually, developers of pizza indicate the temperature that has to be adjusted for baking pizza and forget about the preheating procedure. Try the 375-425F temperature range. Wait until your oven is heated. You can choose either convection or baking mode. Once the device is heated, place the pizza inside.

5. Use a baking sheet

baking sheet

I recommend you use either a pizza stone or a baking sheet. The surface must be flat. Place pizza in the center. If you have a pizza stone, it will absorb extra moisture on the frozen pizza and help you receive the effect of the freshly baked product.

6. Cook pizza for the recommended time

Time at oven

Pay attention to the recommendations on the box. The developers always note the temperature and time for a ready pizza. You can check out whether it is baked from time to time. Usually, the cooking procedure takes from 15 to 25 minutes. Set the timer so that you wouldn’t miss it when it is ready. The cheese must be of a light golden brown color.

7. Remove the pizza from the oven

The pizza from the oven

Use the oven mitt while removing the pizza from the oven. Before you start the procedure, open the door of the oven and wait for a few seconds till the hot air settles down. Make a place for the pizza sheet on the table. Before you slice the dish, wait for up to 5 minutes until it slightly cools down.

Popular Questions About Frozen Pizza Cooking

I hope that now you know how to bake frozen pizza and follow my simple instructions next time you intend to cook it. However, you may still have some questions left. I have found these questions on the Internet, and I believe they concern the minds of many amateur cooks. Read them and my answers before you start to cook a frozen pizza.

Which temperature do I cook frozen pizza at?

The most popular answer is 400F. However, it does not mean that this temperature is perfect for your pizza. Since a frozen pizza has a rich history of being on the market, you have to follow the instructions from manufacturers. To be specific, the difference in height, length, toppings, and even flour it is baked from may be crucial for the temperature settings. Some pizzas require 400F to preheat the oven and 350-450F to cook them; others may need up to 700F. If you wonder how long to bake pizza now, the exact time the pizza must be heated also varies based on the temperature inside the oven.

How do you cook frozen raw pizza?

The entire process is described step-by-step in the text above. However, I have to say that you can also use a pizza pan to bake pizza if you have one. To bake pizza from scratch is a harder task to do. At the same time, you may be limited by the variety of pizza options represented in your local store. I can’t say that homemade pizza is way better than the one you buy frozen in the store since there are some pretty decent products on the market, made by famous pizza restaurants. It takes less time to bake them and may even cost less.

Do you bake frozen pizza on cardboard?

No, I neither bake frozen pizza on cardboard nor recommend you to do it under any circumstances. First, this pizza can be still covered in plastic wrap, so you have to check it beforehand. The second reason is that this pizza will melt on cardboard. Finally, you may set a fire in your house by putting ordinary cardboard in the heated oven.

Pizza Day Without Headache

A frozen pizza allows you to make every day a pizza day. It does not require specific preparations and cooking abilities. Even the busiest bee can handle such a simple task, and any kid is likely to appreciate it. A frozen pizza can become your lifesaver during these pandemic days. You don’t have to go to the store every day; all you need is to buy enough pizzas with different flavors or just your favorites and put them in the fridge. Once you want to enjoy the dish, you can take it out and heat it.

I recommend adding some Italian spices and herbs to the product. You may also add cheese as an extra topping. If you have your own recipes, share them in the comments. I am also interested in how often you cook a frozen pizza. Do you use a pizza stone or just a baking sheet? If you have more recommendations to add, you can do them below. Don’t forget to name your favorite pizza as well.

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