Best Pizza in Washington PA (Updated Fall 2023)

Having sampled pizza from around the world, I can confidently say that Washington PA has some of the best pizza to be found. I’m excited to share my list of the top 12 pizzerias in town and explain why each one stands out.

Prepare your taste buds for a delicious journey through different styles of crusts, toppings and sauces! From thin-crust New York style to deep-dish Chicago slices, this article is sure to get your mouth watering. With humor and lightheartedness sprinkled throughout, let’s dive into my picks for the best pizza in Washington PA!

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#1 best pizza place in Washington - Romano's Pizza Cafe

#1 Romano’s Pizza Cafe

Open Hours
Monday: 11AM-11PM
Tuesday: 11AM-11PM
Wednesday: 11AM-11PM
Thursday: 11AM-11PM
Friday: 11AM-12AM
Saturday: 11AM-10PM
Sunday: 12-10PM

Their signature crust is made with a perfect mix of crunch and chew, and the toppings are always fresh and flavorful. Every slice is a work of art that melts in your mouth.

The atmosphere at Romano’s is inviting and cozy, making it the ideal place to relax while enjoying their delicious pizza. The staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They even let me try a few slices before I decided what toppings I wanted to order!

I would highly recommend Romano’s Pizza Cafe to anyone looking for an amazing pizza experience in Washington PA. With some of the best pizza around, you’re sure to enjoy every bite.

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#2 best pizza place in Washington - Ultimate Pizza

#2 Ultimate Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11AM-7PM
Wednesday: 11AM-7PM
Thursday: 11AM-7PM
Friday: 11AM-7PM
Saturday: 11AM-7PM
Sunday: Closed

The first thing I noticed when I stepped inside the restaurant was the aroma of freshly-baked pizza. It was so tantalizing that I had to order a slice right away.

And boy am I glad that I did! The crust was light and fluffy, and the sauce had just the right amount of tang. My particular topping of choice — pepperoni and mushrooms — was cooked perfectly. The cheese was also nice and melted, making for a delightful experience with each bite.

But beyond the great food quality is Ultimate Pizza’s atmosphere. There’s something about this place that makes you feel like you’re actually having a slice in Italy. The staff is friendly, but not too intrusive; it’s almost like they know what you need before you ask!

All in all, if you’re looking for great pizza in Washington PA, look no further than Ultimate Pizza!

#3 best pizza place in Washington - Osso's Original Pizza

#3 Osso’s Original Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 11AM-9PM
Tuesday: 11AM-9PM
Wednesday: 11AM-9PM
Thursday: 11AM-9PM
Friday: 11AM-10PM
Saturday: 2-10PM
Sunday: 2-9PM

  • Nice tourist spot

  • No delivery

This unassuming little pizza joint may not look like much from the outside, but the food it serves will blow your mind. I’ve never tasted such delicious and flavorful slices of pizza anywhere else. The crust is perfectly crunchy and dry, yet light in texture, and the toppings are generous and delicious.

The atmosphere at Osso’s is also quite pleasant; it’s a nice tourist spot with a friendly staff that can cater to large groups. Plus, I love their local art featured throughout the restaurant; it adds an extra layer of personality to an already amazing pizza-eating experience.

Unfortunately though, Osso’s doesn’t offer delivery (bummer!), so you’ll have to brave the cold Pennsylvania winters if you want a taste of this delicious goodness…but believe me when I say it will be completely worth it.

If you’re looking for some of the best pizza in Washington PA, I highly recommend taking a visit to Osso’s Original Pizza – you won’t regret it!

#4 best pizza place in Washington - Mamma Cheez

#4 Mamma Cheez

Open Hours
Monday: 10AM-10:30PM
Tuesday: 10AM-10:30PM
Wednesday: 10AM-10:30PM
Thursday: 10AM-10:30PM
Friday: 10AM-10:30PM
Saturday: 10AM-10:30PM
Sunday: 12-8:30PM

  • Nice tourist spot
  • Offers dessert

From the moment I walked in, I had a feeling this was going to be a good experience. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, with old-fashioned Italian decor, murals of Italian landscapes, and soft music playing in the background.

The staff was friendly and welcoming – it seemed like they really wanted me to have an enjoyable experience. The owner even greeted me at the door!

I was pleased when the waiter brought out my pizza – it looked delicious! The dough was thin and crispy, the cheese was gooey, and the toppings were fresh. Every bite was a taste sensation. The chefs here really know how to make great pizza.

The prices were reasonable too – you could get an entire pizza for under $10! On top of that, dessert items like cannolis and tiramisu were on offer too – yum!

When it comes to pizza in Washington PA, Mamma Cheez is definitely the place to go. Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner or a casual night out with friends, Mamma Cheez has something for everyone. It’s no wonder why this place keeps coming up as one of the best pizzerias around!

#5 best pizza place in Washington - Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar Washington

#5 Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar Washington

Open Hours
Monday: 11AM-12AM
Tuesday: 11AM-12AM
Wednesday: 11AM-12AM
Thursday: 11AM-12AM
Friday: 11AM-2AM
Saturday: 11AM-2AM
Sunday: 11AM-12AM

  • Nice tourist spot
  • Serves alcohol (and hard liquor!)
  • Great place to watch sports

The atmosphere of the restaurant is just as inviting as the pizza. The decor is modern yet rustic, and it fits perfectly with the restaurant’s former hardware store/warehouse look. The music playing in the background gave it a truly unique vibe that’s hard to find elsewhere.

If you’re looking for a classic pizza, Primanti Bros. has you covered. I tried their signature Pizza Margherita – made with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh basil – and it was unbelievably delicious.

But they don’t stop there! Primanti Bros. also offers an array of specialty pizzas that really take your experience to the next level. My favorite so far is their pastrami pizza, which is packed with flavors like mustard, melty provolone cheese, red onions and grilled peppers – truly a unique combination that will keep you coming back for more!

All in all, I’m incredibly impressed with the quality of food at Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar Washington and highly recommend it to anyone looking for some great pizza in the area!

#6 best pizza place in Washington - Fat Angelo's

#6 Fat Angelo’s

Open Hours
Monday: 10AM-9PM
Tuesday: 10AM-9PM
Wednesday: 10AM-9PM
Thursday: 10AM-9PM
Friday: 10AM-10PM
Saturday: 10AM-10PM
Sunday: 10AM-9PM

From the moment I walked in, I knew I was in for a treat. The cozy ambiance and friendly staff made me feel welcome and like part of the family.

Their menu boasts an impressive selection of both classic and unique pizzas that are sure to please every pizza-lover. Their signature pie is the ‘Fat Angelo’s Supreme’, a 12-inch masterpiece loaded with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions and peppers! This pizza truly lived up to its name – it was so delicious! After tasting this heavenly creation, I knew I had found what I was looking for: the best pizza in Washington PA!

The service at Fat Angelo’s never fails to impress. The waiters are attentive and quick to answer any questions I had. They also suggested great pairings that enhanced my meal even more.

My experience at Fat Angelo’s has been nothing short of excellent every time. The food is always fresh, well-made and delicious. If you’re ever in Washington PA keep Fat Angelo’s in mind – you won’t be disappointed!

#7 best pizza place in Washington - West End Bottle Shop

#7 West End Bottle Shop

Open Hours
Monday: 11AM-12AM
Tuesday: 11AM-12AM
Wednesday: 11AM-12AM
Thursday: 11AM-12AM
Friday: 11AM-12AM
Saturday: 11AM-12AM
Sunday: 11AM-12AM

  • No delivery

The restaurant may not offer delivery, but the quaint atmosphere and delicious pizza is worth the trouble. The excellence of the pizza puts it in a category all its own. The crust is crunchy and flavorful, with just the right amount of char. The toppings are consistent, generously portioned, and cooked to perfection.

If you’re lucky enough to get there at the right time of day, you may even be able to grab one of their famous Detroit-style square pizzas – I definitely recommend giving them a try!

It’s clear that quality is West End Bottle Shop’s number one priority. From the moment you walk in, the staff will go above and beyond to ensure you have an excellent experience. Just don’t forget to bring your own beer or wine; this place is BYOB!

Overall, if you’re looking for some superb pizza in Washington PA, West End Bottle Shop should be at the top of your list. The food and service make it worth every penny!

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#8 best pizza place in Washington - Vocelli Pizza

#8 Vocelli Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 10:30AM-12AM
Tuesday: 10:30AM-12AM
Wednesday: 10:30AM-12AM
Thursday: 10:30AM-12AM
Friday: 10:30AM-1AM
Saturday: 10:30AM-1AM
Sunday: 10:30AM-12AM

  • Offers dessert
  • Nice tourist spot

The atmosphere at Vocelli Pizza is what really sets it apart from the competition. The staff was very friendly and the decor was cozy and inviting. It almost felt like I was eating in a friend’s house!

The pizza itself was delightful. The crust was perfectly thin and crispy, and all of the ingredients tasted fresh. They offer a wide variety of toppings as well, so all tastes can be accommodated here.

My favorite part of the meal, however, had to be the presentation. Instead of being served on a plate like other pizzas, Vocelli Pizza serves their pies on an oven-heated stone slab that is meant to imitate an authentic brick-oven experience. This unique twist added an element of fun to my experience that I simply can’t get anywhere else!

All things considered, I couldn’t recommend Vocelli Pizza more highly as far as finding some of the best pizza in Washington PA!

#9 best pizza place in Washington - Happy Pappy's Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor

#9 Happy Pappy’s Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor

Open Hours
Monday: 10AM-6PM
Tuesday: 10AM-6PM
Wednesday: 10AM-6PM
Thursday: 10AM-6PM
Friday: 10AM-6PM
Saturday: 10AM-6PM
Sunday: Closed

  • Has insanely good dessert

As soon as I stepped in the door, I knew this place was something special. The decor was inviting and cheerful, with bright colors and a comfy atmosphere. But the real star of the show is their pizza!

The smell alone will draw you in – it’s a heavenly blend of herbs, cheese, and fresh-baked dough that will have your mouth watering before you even take your first bite. And when you do take that first bite? Well, let me tell you, it’s like eating a slice of heaven! Each pizza is made with love and care; the toppings are always fresh and flavorful, the cheese is perfectly melted, and the crust is always just crunchy enough.

But maybe even better than their amazing pizza are their ice cream creations. Specially crafted to complement their pizzas (or stand on their own – your choice!), these delectable treats are sure to please even the pickiest ice cream fanatics out there.

If you’re ever in Washington PA looking for great pizza and ice cream, don’t miss Happy Pappy’s Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor – it’s truly one of the best around!

#10 best pizza place in Washington - Papa Johns Pizza

#10 Papa Johns Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 10AM-11PM
Tuesday: 10AM-11PM
Wednesday: 10AM-11PM
Thursday: 10AM-11PM
Friday: 10AM-12AM
Saturday: 10AM-12AM
Sunday: 10AM-11PM

  • Offers dessert

From the moment I stepped in, I was greeted warmly by the staff and my nose was filled with the aromas of oregano, garlic and melted cheese. The rustic-style decor made me feel like I belonged, no matter how far from home I had wandered.

The pizza itself was nothing short of amazing – crust just thick enough not to fall apart in my hands, a sauce that was slightly sweet and the perfect amount of cheese made for pizza perfection! Every slice of Papa Johns Pizza had that delicious balance between crunchy and chewy, since it seemed like they had mastered their cooking technique to millisecond accuracy.

I can confidently say that this is some of the best pizza I have ever tasted. Papa Johns Pizza truly lives up to its name as one of the best in Washington PA!

#11 best pizza place in Washington - Mm Mm Pizza

#11 Mm Mm Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 11AM-10PM
Tuesday: 11AM-10PM
Wednesday: 11AM-10PM
Thursday: 11AM-10PM
Friday: 11AM-12AM
Saturday: 11AM-12AM
Sunday: 11AM-10PM

I was pleased to find that Mm Mm Pizza had a wide variety of toppings, from classic pepperoni and sausage to my personal favorite – feta cheese and mango slices. I really enjoyed the crunchy crust and the cheesy goodness of each slice.

But what really stood out to me was their signature “Mm Mm Pie”, which is practically a pizza made with the perfect ratio of sweet and savory ingredients. Imagine biting into crispy bacon, melted mozzarella cheese and chunky pieces of mango – it’s divine! It took all my willpower not to finish it off in one sitting.

If you’re looking for a unique pizza experience in Washington PA, I highly recommend Mm MM Pizza. It’s definitely worth trying if you’re not afraid of delightfully unexpected flavor combinations!

#12 best pizza place in Washington - Four Star Pizza

#12 Four Star Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10:30AM-9PM
Wednesday: 10:30AM-9PM
Thursday: 10:30AM-9PM
Friday: 10:30AM-11:45PM
Saturday: 10:30AM-11:45PM
Sunday: 10:30AM-9PM

My first visit to Four Star Pizza totally exceeded my expectations. The pizza was delicious, with a perfectly crispy crust and just the right amount of sauce and toppings. I couldn’t believe how flavorful and fresh the ingredients were. And, surprisingly enough, they offer some unique topping combinations that I haven’t seen anywhere else – think bacon-apple-onion-caramelized garlic!

The atmosphere at Four Star Pizza is great too – it’s clean, fun and inviting. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, always willing to give advice on what type of pizza to order. Plus the prices are reasonable especially considering the quality of the food you’re getting!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for quality pizza in Washington PA, you can’t go wrong by visiting Four Star Pizza!

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