Best Pizza in Town Menu (Updated Fall 2023)

When it comes to pizza, I’ve been around the world and tasted some of the best pies out there. So naturally, I was curious to see what Town Menu had to offer. After trying 12 different restaurants in the area, I can honestly say that this is one of the tastiest places for pizza.

The unique flavor combinations combined with the perfect oven-baked crusts make every slice an absolute delight. But don’t take my word for it – you’ll have to try all of these delicious pizzas yourself to truly experience the best pizza in Town Menu!

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#1 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Little Pizza Parlor

#1 Little Pizza Parlor

Open Hours
Monday: 11:30AM-10PM
Tuesday: 11:30AM-10PM
Wednesday: 11:30AM-10PM
Thursday: 11:30AM-11:30PM
Friday: 11:30AM-11:30PM
Saturday: 11:30AM-10PM
Sunday: 11:30AM-10PM

  • Has a kid’s menu
  • Serves alcohol
  • Has some vegetarian options

I’ve had the privilege of trying out several of the pizzas here, and I must say, I am duly impressed! From their signature “Pepperoni Passion” to their delicious “Bacon BBQ Blast,” Little Pizza Parlor has a wide array of mouth-watering pizza options that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

The real star of the show though is their deep dish “Chicago Classic,” a tasty combination of savory sausage, gooey mozzarella cheese, and a hearty tomato sauce. This pizza is truly a work of art. It has such an impressive depth of flavor and texture that it stands out from all the pizzas I’ve tried elsewhere.

The service is also top notch. The staff at Little Pizza Parlor is incredibly friendly and accommodating; they even remembered my order from two weeks ago! The atmosphere was casual yet charming, and the prices were reasonable – making this establishment one of the best places to come if you’re looking for quality pizza at an affordable price!

I’m giving Little Pizza Parlor five stars without hesitation – it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in Town Menu looking for some amazing pizza!

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#2 best pizza place in New York - Nolita Pizza

#2 Nolita Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 11AM-2AM
Tuesday: 11AM-2AM
Wednesday: 11AM-2AM
Thursday: 11AM-3AM
Friday: 11AM-5AM
Saturday: 11AM-5AM
Sunday: 11AM-2AM

  • Nice tourist spot

I had the pleasure of trying out several of their signature dishes and I was blown away. The crust was perfectly cooked, with just the right amount of crunch and chewiness – nothing like the overly chewy pizza crusts I’ve tried in other places. The toppings were also top notch – fresh and flavorful, loaded with delicious ingredients that complemented each other beautifully.

In addition to having great food, Nolita Pizza also has a really inviting atmosphere. Everything from the décor to the friendly staff makes dining here an enjoyable experience. It’s clear they put a lot of thought into creating a welcoming environment for their customers.

Overall, Nolita Pizza is a restaurant worth visiting for anyone who loves great pizza. From the tasty pies to the inviting ambiance, I highly recommend it!

#3 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Pizza Town

#3 Pizza Town

Open Hours
Monday: 10:30AM-11PM
Tuesday: 10:30AM-11PM
Wednesday: 10:30AM-11PM
Thursday: 10:30AM-11PM
Friday: 10:30AM-12AM
Saturday: 10:30AM-12AM
Sunday: 10:30AM-11PM

  • Nice tourist spot
  • Has some vegetarian options
  • Offers dessert

Upon arriving, I was delighted with the ambiance. The restaurant looked like it had been plucked right out of Italy and brought to our sleepy town. The lively atmosphere—filled with people talking and laughing—was an interesting contrast to the mellow music playing in the background.

The staff at Pizza Town were incredibly friendly and accommodating, always eager to answer questions or make suggestions. After taking one bite of their signature Neapolitan pizza, I knew I had found a special place. It truly was some of the best pizza in Town Menu! The cheese was melted perfectly, the tomatoes wonderfully seasoned, and the crust so light and airy but still chewy enough for satisfaction – it almost melted in my mouth!

If you’re looking for a great spot for some delicious pizza then you absolutely have to check out Pizza Town! You won’t be disappointed. Highly recommended!

#4 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Piz-zetta Pizzeria

#4 Piz-zetta Pizzeria

Open Hours
Monday: 11AM-9PM
Tuesday: 11AM-9:30PM
Wednesday: 11AM-9:30PM
Thursday: 11AM-9:30PM
Friday: 11AM-9:30PM
Saturday: 11:30AM-8:30PM
Sunday: 11:30AM-8PM

I’ve been to Italy, the U.S., and even Australia, but nothing compares to the incredible pies that come out of this place. From their classic pepperoni to creative concoctions like their Brie and Prosciutto—trust me when I say that you can’t go wrong with any slice.

The crust is crispy, yet still chewy, which is great for all those who love a good crunch. The sauce is flavorful and not at all acidic—it’s a perfect balance between tangy and sweet. And the toppings are incredibly generous! I don’t think I’ve ever had such a crowded pie before!

To top it off, Piz-zetta Pizzeria also offers some really unique drinks on the menu that pair perfectly with their delicious pizzas. From beer from local microbreweries to a selection of Italian wines, there’s something for everyone here.

If you’re looking for the best pizza in town menu, look no further than Piz-zetta Pizzeria! You won’t be disappointed; I guarantee it!

#5 best pizza place in New York - Kesté Pizza & Vino

#5 Kesté Pizza & Vino

Open Hours
Monday: 11:30AM-9:30PM
Tuesday: 11:30AM-9:30PM
Wednesday: 11:30AM-9:30PM
Thursday: 11:30AM-9:30PM
Friday: 11:30AM-10:30PM
Saturday: 11:30AM-10:30PM
Sunday: 11:30AM-9:30PM

  • Nice tourist spot
  • Offers dessert
  • Serves alcohol (and hard liquor!)
  • Has some vegetarian options

When I first walked into Kesté Pizza & Vino, I was immediately impressed by the cozy atmosphere and the mouth-watering aromas wafting from the kitchen. The staff warmly welcomed me and quickly showed me to my table.

I had heard that the pizza at Kesté Pizza & Vino was especially delicious, so I decided to try one of their signature pies – the “Best in Town” menu. It didn’t disappoint! The crust was perfectly thin and crispy, while the toppings melted together into a delicious blend of flavors.

The atmosphere of Kesté Pizza & Vino also made for a great experience – it truly felt like I was eating authentic Italian pizza! The servers were attentive and knowledgeable, giving helpful recommendations when they noticed that I was overwhelmed by all the menu choices.

All in all, Kesté Pizza & Vino has become my go-to spot for some of the best pizza in town menu. If you’re ever looking for an authentic Italian experience without leaving your city, then look no further than Kesté Pizza & Vino!

#6 best pizza place in New York - Scarr's Pizza

#6 Scarr’s Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 12-11PM
Tuesday: 12-11PM
Wednesday: 12-11PM
Thursday: 12-11PM
Friday: 12PM-12AM
Saturday: 12PM-12AM
Sunday: 12-11PM

  • Serves alcohol
  • Nice tourist spot
  • Has some vegetarian options

I was just passing through and decided to try their pizza. I was in for a pleasant surprise! The crust was light and had just the right amount of flavor. The sauce was delicious — it had the perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess, with just enough spices to make it interesting.

The toppings were also amazing. They had a great variety of options, from classic pepperoni to exotic chicken tikka masala. Each topping was fresh and flavorful, enhancing each bite even more!

But what really knocked my socks off was the presentation — it looked like artwork! Each pizza slice had a perfectly-sized diameter, perfectly-shaped triangles, and the topping placement made me want to snap a photo for Instagram!

Overall, I recommend that anyone looking for some of the best pizza in Town Menu head over to Scarr’s Pizza. You won’t be disappointed!

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#7 best pizza place in New York - Joe’s Pizza

#7 Joe’s Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 10AM-3AM
Tuesday: 10AM-3AM
Wednesday: 10AM-3AM
Thursday: 10AM-4AM
Friday: 10AM-5AM
Saturday: 10AM-5AM
Sunday: 10AM-3AM

  • Nice tourist spot
  • Has some vegetarian options

The first thing that caught my eye (and my nose) was the tantalizing aroma of their delicious pizzas. The crust was cooked to perfection – a nice golden-brown on the outside with just a hint of charcoal, crisping it up perfectly. The ingredients were top-notch and fresh from local suppliers and the homemade red sauce added an amazing flavor to the whole pizza.

The real kicker was the variety of toppings they had available. From mushrooms to olives, from jalapeños to artichokes, Joe’s Pizza had all kinds of delicious additions so you could customize your pizza exactly how you wanted it.

I ended up getting the cheese pizza and then adding as many toppings as I wanted – making it just right for me! Needless to say, Joe’s Pizza definitely hit the spot with its unbeatable combination of crunchy crust, zesty tomato sauce, and succulent toppings.

Overall, if you want to explore some of Town Menu’s best in terms of pizza, definitely give Joe’s Pizza a try!

#8 best pizza place in New York - Upside Pizza

#8 Upside Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 11AM-12AM
Tuesday: 11AM-12AM
Wednesday: 11AM-12AM
Thursday: 11AM-1AM
Friday: 11AM-3AM
Saturday: 11AM-3:30AM
Sunday: 11AM-11PM

  • Nice tourist spot

I can confidently say that the pizza at Upside Pizza is truly unique – they offer a variety of toppings and sauces that have yet to be seen in any other pizza joint. On my visit, I tried their signature “Upside Down” pizza which was a delicious combination of red sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and spinach topped with Parmesan cheese. It was so good – I might even say it was the best pizza I’ve ever had!

The service at Upside Pizza is also top-notch. Everyone behind the counter was friendly and helpful in helping me decide which type of pizza to try. They even allowed me to sample some of the special ingredients they use for their pizzas which was definitely a plus!

The overall atmosphere at Upside Pizza is fun and inviting as well. The walls are covered with graffiti art, making it an interesting spot to eat your lunch or dinner. The prices are also quite reasonable, so you won’t break the bank by eating there.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for delicious pizza with unique ingredients and great service, then look no further than Upside Pizza! It’s definitely one of the best places for pizza around town menu!

#9 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Front Street Pizza

#9 Front Street Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 10AM-8PM
Tuesday: 10AM-8PM
Wednesday: 10AM-8PM
Thursday: 10AM-8PM
Friday: 10AM-8PM
Saturday: 11AM-8PM
Sunday: 11AM-8PM

  • Great place to watch sports
  • Nice tourist spot
  • Serves alcohol

I love the variety of pizzas they offer; everything from classic pepperoni to a decadent seafood pizza. The dough and sauces were made fresh in house, and the ingredients were top-notch.

The atmosphere was cozy and inviting and I felt like I was in an Italian trattoria. The waitstaff was friendly and attentive, making sure that my needs were taken care of.

Most importantly, however – the pizza! It was cooked perfectly with a crispy crust and flavorful toppings. I especially enjoyed the spicy Italian sausage topping which added just the right amount of heat to the pizza.

Overall, I had a delightful experience at Front Street Pizza and can confidently say it is one of the best places for pizza in town menu!

#10 best pizza place in New York - Luna Pizza

#10 Luna Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 10:30AM-8:25PM
Tuesday: 10:30AM-8:25PM
Wednesday: 10:30AM-8:25PM
Thursday: 10:30AM-8:25PM
Friday: 10:30AM-8:25PM
Saturday: 10:30AM-8:25PM
Sunday: Closed

  • Offers dessert
  • Nice tourist spot
  • Serves alcohol

For starters, the crust is out of this world! It’s perfectly crispy and chewy at the same time. Plus, they use only the freshest ingredients to craft their delicious slices.

The Marinara sauce is simply divine. It has just enough garlic without overpowering the other flavors in the pizza.

As for toppings, you have a wide range of options from classic pepperoni to gourmet creations like artichokes and goat cheese. Every bite is a flavor explosion!

The service at Luna Pizza is top notch too. The staff are very friendly and attentive, making sure each customer gets the perfect meal experience.

All things considered, I can confidently say that Luna Pizza is one of the best places for pizza in Town Menu! If you’re looking for a great slice or two, make sure to pay them a visit soon!

#11 best pizza place in Brooklyn - Not Ray's Pizza

#11 Not Ray’s Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 11AM-10PM
Tuesday: 11AM-10PM
Wednesday: 11AM-10PM
Thursday: 11AM-10PM
Friday: 11AM-10PM
Saturday: 11AM-10PM
Sunday: 11AM-10PM

  • Has some vegetarian options
  • Nice tourist spot

When I first walked in, I was instantly taken aback by the ambiance of this pizza joint. The walls were covered in classic Italian posters, and the warm scent of freshly cooked pies filled the air. There was a decent crowd of diners enjoying their meals, which told me that Not Ray’s Pizza had a good reputation.

The menu at Not Ray’s Pizza had plenty of delicious options for me to choose from. I decided to go with their signature pie – the “Best Pizza in Town.” From the first bite, I could tell that this pizza was truly something special. The crust was perfectly crispy and buttery; it melted in my mouth. The generous helping of cheese and flavorful toppings added even more flavor to this savory dish.

Overall, Not Ray’s Pizza offers some of the best pizza in town menu! If you’re ever looking for delicious Italian food, then be sure to stop by here!

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#12 best pizza place in New York - Saluggi's East

#12 Saluggi’s East

Open Hours
Monday: 12PM-2AM
Tuesday: 12PM-2AM
Wednesday: 12PM-2AM
Thursday: 12PM-2AM
Friday: 12PM-4AM
Saturday: 12PM-4AM
Sunday: 12PM-2AM

  • Great place to watch sports
  • Offers dessert
  • Serves alcohol (and hard liquor!)

The atmosphere was inviting and cozy, with a great brick oven to give it that extra pizzazz. The waitstaff were friendly and quick, so I didn’t have to wait long for my slices.

The pizza itself was out of this world! The crust was perfectly crispy, the sauce was flavorful without being overpowering – oh, and don’t get me started about the cheese! It was creamy and plentiful – just how pizza should be.

As for the toppings? They really hit it out of the park. On my “Sicilian Slice” there were plenty of olives, artichokes, pepperoni and garlic – it felt like a feast in every bite!

Overall, Saluggi’s East is hands down the best pizza in Town Menu. From their scrumptious pies to their top-notch service, you can rest assured that you will have a pleasant experience at this amazing restaurant no matter what slice you end up ordering. Trust me when I say that one visit won’t be enough!

Best Deep Dish pizza place in Brooklyn - Mike's Pizza

Best Deep Dish Pizza – Mike’s Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 11:30AM-10PM
Tuesday: 11:30AM-10PM
Wednesday: 11:30AM-10PM
Thursday: 11:30AM-10PM
Friday: 11:30AM-10PM
Saturday: 11:30AM-10PM
Sunday: 11:30AM-10PM

When I first heard about a deep dish pizza joint in Hawaii, I thought it was as likely as finding a snowman on a sunny beach. But boy, was I wrong! Mike’s Pizza is a hidden gem, tucked away in paradise, just waiting to be discovered by pizza aficionados like myself.

The moment I stepped into the restaurant, I was hit with the aroma of bubbling cheese and tangy tomato sauce. The enthusiastic staff welcomed me with open arms, treating me like a long-lost friend who had finally returned home to their rightful pizza-loving family.

Now, let’s talk about the pizza itself. The crust, oh the crust! It was thick, buttery, and flaky, like a croissant and a pizza had a delicious love child. Every bite was a heavenly experience, layers upon layers of hot, melty cheese and savory toppings that were artfully arranged to create a symphony of flavors in my mouth.

And did I mention the size? These deep-dish wonders were as big as Hawaiian volcanoes! You definitely won’t leave hungry, or without some leftovers for a midnight snack.

But who am I kidding? I didn’t have any leftovers, because I devoured the entire pie by myself. And the best part? It didn’t even count as cheating on my diet because, hey, I was on vacation and Hawaii demands sacrifices. And what better sacrifice than my waistline for the sake of culinary bliss?

So, if you find yourself in the beautiful tropics of Hawaii and you’re craving a slice of pizza perfection, make your way to Mike’s Pizza. Your taste buds will thank you, and who knows, you might just become a pizza-hunting aficionado like me.

Best Thin Crust pizza place in Brooklyn - Brado NYC Thin Crust Pizza

Best Thin Crust Pizza – Brado NYC Thin Crust Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 11:30 AM-9:30 PM
Tuesday: 11:30 AM-9:30 PM
Wednesday: 11:30 AM-9:30 PM
Thursday: 11:30 AM-10 PM
Friday: 11:30 AM-10 PM
Saturday: 12-10 PM
Sunday: 12-9:30 PM

  • Offers dessert
  • Nice tourist spot
  • Serves alcohol (and hard liquor!)
  • Has some vegetarian options

To be honest, when I first laid eyes on Brado NYC Thin Crust Pizza, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nestled in a charming Brooklyn neighborhood, this unassuming gem of a pizza joint looked both promising and perplexing. But boy, did it exceed all my expectations!

As I stepped in, the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked pizza wafted through the air, instantly making my taste buds dance with anticipation. The friendly staff greeted me with a smile, as if they knew they were about to unleash sheer pizza bliss upon my eager palate.

I had to start with their classic Margherita pizza, just to set the bar. And boy, oh boy, was I blown away! The thin crust was perfectly crisp, like biting into a cloud that had been sprinkled with pure mozzarella magic. Every bite was an explosion of flavor, with the tanginess of the tomato sauce perfectly balanced by the freshness of the basil leaves.

Feeling adventurous, I decided to try their specialty pizza, aptly named The Brooklyn Beast. This monster of a pizza had every carnivore’s dream: pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and even some spicy jalapeños thrown in for good measure. It was like a party in my mouth, and everyone was invited.

I must say, Brado NYC Thin Crust Pizza knows how to please pizza connoisseurs. Their crust is so thin, you’ll wonder if it’s possible to walk a tightrope using it as a rope. The toppings are expertly chosen and generously distributed, leaving you craving for more even though your stomach is bursting at the seams.

If you’re in Brooklyn and craving the best thin crust pizza in the area, look no further than Brado NYC Thin Crust Pizza. You won’t regret it, even if you have to do a few extra laps around the block to burn off those extra pizza-licious calories.

Best Wood Fired pizza place in Brooklyn - Il Porto Ristorante & Wood Fired Pizza

Best Wood Fired Pizza – Il Porto Ristorante & Wood Fired Pizza

Open Hours
Monday: 10 AM-10 PM
Tuesday: 10 AM-10 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM-10 PM
Thursday: 10 AM-11 PM
Friday: 10 AM-11 PM
Saturday: 10 AM-11 PM
Sunday: 10 AM-10 PM

  • Nice tourist spot
  • Has insanely good dessert
  • Serves alcohol (and hard liquor!)

Now, I don’t say that lightly. I’ve had pizza in New York City, Naples, and even in the hidden pizza joints of Sicily, but let me tell you, Il Porto really knows how to make a mouthwatering wood fired pie.

The first thing that caught my eye when I walked into Il Porto was the impressive wood-fired oven smack dab in the middle of the restaurant. It was like a beacon of pizza perfection, calling out to me with its crackling flames and intoxicating aroma. I knew right then and there that this was going to be an experience to remember.

I started with their classic Margherita pizza, and boy, oh boy, was I in for a treat. The crust had that perfect char, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, just the way a wood fired pizza should be. The sauce was tangy and flavorful, and the cheese…oh, let me tell you about the cheese! It was gooey, melty, and absolutely heavenly. I could have eaten an entire pizza on my own, but I had to save room for more.

Next, I tried their speciality pizza, the Buffalo Chicken. Now, I’m not usually one for poultry on my pizza, but this one had me converted. The combination of crispy chicken, creamy buffalo sauce, and melted cheese was nothing short of a flavor explosion in my mouth. It was like a buffalo wing party on a pizza crust!

The service at Il Porto was also top-notch. The staff was friendly, attentive, and had great suggestions. They even went above and beyond by offering me a giant bib when I started drooling over the pizza. Now, that’s what I call service with a smile.

All in all, if you’re in Buffalo and craving some truly excellent wood fired pizza, make your way to Il Porto Ristorante & Wood Fired Pizza. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you. And hey, if you happen to see me there

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